COVENANT PARTNERS | Standing with Israel, a Lifetime Commitment

The Church at large is slowly losing site of its biblical-based principles. They have forgotten the Father’s first love—the Jewish people.

Many do not understand the end time significance of the nation of Israel, or the importance of standing with her amidst the onslaught of attacks from her surrounding enemies.

As a Covenant partner, through your faithful MONTHLY giving, you support much-needed humanitarian aid projects throughout the nation of Israel.

Here are the many ways COVENANT PARTNERS help build long-term, lasting relationships through consistent financial support…

We need people like you to stand with us. I need to know, as a leader, that as I stand before abandoned children, Holocaust Survivors, and Lone Soldiers and their families… that you are standing with me!

More than that… the Jewish people and the nation of Israel needs to know that YOU are standing with THEM. Your long-term MONTHLY contribution brings such relief to SO MANY!

Sowing into the nation of Israel

What’s the biblical importance of sowing into the nation of Israel?

COVENANT! This powerful word is used by God to describe a relationship, an agreement, and a promise. There is a depth to this commitment that goes beyond what we as humans understand it to be.

Those who want to understand the mystery of God’s Covenant and to walk in it, long to be a part of the Father’s business to further His Kingdom.

So many in the Church today have lost touch with the Jewish roots of their faith. They continue to walk unaware of the covenant relationship that was initiated by their Father in Heaven with the nation of Israel. To make matters worse, many believe replacement theory doctrines that assume the Church has replaced Israel all together.

By denying Israel’s existence as the apple of God’s eye, the blessings of God are hindered from operating in a Believer’s life. Remember God’s promise to the chosen people in Genesis 12:3? “I will bless those who bless you [Israel]…”

What is a Covenant?

The powerful relationship between God and man can be understood through Covenant. The Bible speaks of seven covenants, four of which are directed toward the nation of Israel. A covenant agreement is the foundation of our relationship with God.

These covenants are binding agreements that cannot be broken. They are stepping stones toward restoring the relationship between God and man that were lost when Adam sinned in the Garden.

Jesus was the fulfillment of this restoration. The covenant agreements of the Old Testament were NOT replaced by a new one, but rather completed through Yeshua’s blood, as He took our place in judgment.



The covenant between God, Israel, and the Church

The Covenant between God, Israel and the Church. How long was it intended to last?

To truly understand the promises of a Covenant you must understand God’s perfect nature and that He cannot lie. Therefore, any promises He makes, past, present and future, must be fulfilled. His promise to the nation of Israel is restoration, and He states that the Gentile Church will be a part of this fulfillment.

We are experiencing the fulfillment of the Romans 11:25-27 prophesy today: “For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: ‘The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob, for this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins.’”

When the two, Jew and Gentile, become one, grafted together in Christ, it is a powerful cord. It is not easily broken! Without this very simple, but complex revelation, the Church is literally cut off from its source. We are grafted into Zion—not the other way around.

“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”—Ecclesiastes 4:12

This is the greatest discovery I have made regarding sowing seed into good soil. As Christie and I have stood together, seeking out opportunities to bless the nation of Israel—partnering with God Himself to bring restoration to His first love—we have been abundantly blessed! By blessing His chosen people, we, and our partners, have experienced blessings of great abundance in return.

Yes…but does it work?

Covenant Partner

As one who was born as an orphan and adopted into a wonderful family, I see the value of understanding heritage. When I visited Israel for the first time in 1991, I understood that it would be my legacy to care for the nation of Israel; the place the roots of our faith began was being passed on to me.

As Believers, we have an amazing heritage, and it saddens me deeply to witness a lack of understanding that the Body of Christ has when it comes to understanding our Jewish roots, caring for Israel, and the blessings that follow.

However, a new movement is upon us! There are more and more Believers longing to relate with the Hebrew God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the God of our spiritual forefathers! Never changing and never forgetting His first love, there is evidence, now more than ever, of God’s restorative promises being fulfilled to Israel.

As a Covenant Partner with us, you are demonstrating your commitment to build a bridge of unity between the Church and Israel.

We understand that the Church was founded by Jewish Believers in Messiah, and that just like Jesus, they had a unique understanding of the long-lasting covenant that God ordained with the nation of Israel. Your desire to release God’s fullness throughout the earth and see His covenant restored with His people is part of biblical prophecy.

From the time that I made the decision to bless Israel, my life, and the lives of those who have partnered with us have been blessed more abundantly than we could ever have asked or thought. It has been truly amazing!

Yes, but I’ve sown into other ministries that ‘partnered with Israel.’ How is your ministry different?

Through your faithful MONTHLY giving, your generous gift helps support much needed humanitarian aid projects throughout the nation of Israel. Here are some of the ways that the financial support of COVENANT PARTNERS impact this nation…

Curt Landry supporting kids in need

• Providing food and shelter for the needy, taking part in various feeding programs and providing protection through restoration of community centers.

• Providing care, honor and respect for Holocaust Survivors.

• Fully sponsoring Safe Houses in Jerusalem that care for young adults in need.

• Funding the Beit She’an After School Music Program for disadvantaged youth.

• Meeting the needs of the underprivileged in Israel by special request including things like school supplies, heaters, air conditioners and knife proof vests.

• Being a voice of truth for Israel—a vessel of communication and education to the nations.

Our unique partnership with the City of Jerusalem and with the Israeli Defense Forces is like none other. Because of our strong ties with key figures and dignitaries we have been able to make a LASTING difference in the lives of so many living within the nation of Israel.

Your MONTHLY pledge supports Israel’s people, land, environment, and economy. When you answer this call, you will be taking part in a mission that stands by Israel as a bridge of truth… united in Jesus Christ—Yeshua the Messiah!



Why should I sow MONTHLY instead of a one-time donation?

Through your loving Covenant Partnership, you will consistently work toward mending relationships and bringing hope to hurting people.

Our Covenant Partners are more than just friends, we share in the same vision, the same calling to faithfully support and stand by God’s first love through prayer and meeting people where they are through humanitarian aid, and have the same desire to be a part of fulfilling biblical prophecy. What a way to demonstrate the love of Christ!

By committing to sow MONTLY you are guaranteeing that we can complete the projects already promised within record time, while also continuing to look toward the future—providing hope into the lives of many we have yet to meet.

A MONTHLY donation brings security to our vision. Knowing that we can count on your support twelve months out of the year provides both encouragement and confidence to continue to grow our humanitarian aid projects without pause.

Are you with me? If so, how are you standing with the nation of Israel?

Won’t you become a Covenant Partner today? Won’t you support the apple of God’s eye? Be a part of blessing the nation of Israel, and we can guarantee that you will see an incredible return on your investment!


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