Israel to Take In Wounded Citizens from Aleppo


For the last several years, Israel has quite understandably tried to avoid any sort of involvement in the Syrian civil war that has taken its toll on the world at large through the international refugee crisis. But in the weeks leading up to the New Year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli government to take in civilians who have been injured in Aleppo, finding ways to treat them in their hospitals.

This was a groundbreaking announcement. Israel is still technically at war with Syria, but will now let in hundreds of wounded Syrians seeking treatment.

Israel has already provided treatment to civilians and rebels in field hospitals along the Syrian/Israeli border. This represents the first time the country is actually inviting in Syrian civilians far beyond the border.

Aleppo has been the center of the fight in Syria for most of this last year, and is approximately 400 miles away from the border with Israel. Netanyahu said the country has seen how many civilians are suffering, and made it a priority to expand medical assistance to the innocents who are suffering the most in Syria. Netanyahu hopes to have a plan prepared for bringing in these civilians as soon as possible.

The war happening in Syria is a terrible tragedy, as is the fact that so many innocent civilians suffer each and every single day because of it. We applaud the mercy and grace shown by Netanyahu and Israel in working to treat the injured civilians, who through no fault of their own, have found themselves in the crossfire of one of the most intense battles that the world has seen in recent years.

Curt Landry Ministries regularly works with and supports hospitals in Israel to help them receive the equipment and supplies they need to make a difference in the lives of Israelis. With injured Syrians coming in from Aleppo, our work will now help to benefit them as well. We greatly appreciate any contributions you can make to our organization so we can continue to focus on these and other humanitarian initiatives that provide hope and comfort to people in this very destabilized region of the world.

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