How Can You Hear God’s Voice This New Year?

Holy Bible with headphones - symbol of listening to the Word of God.

We have finally turned the calendar into 2015. It’s a new year chock full of new opportunities for us to grow as people and in our faith.

One question people often have as they begin to explore their faith on a deeper level is how they can open themselves up to hear God’s voice. Here are a few tips and strategies that you might consider as you look to expand your faith this year:

• Read scripture. One of the best ways to connect with God is to read scripture. When you begin to analyze and read scripture with a prayerful, reflective heart, you get past just the words Contemporary image of a Bible with headphones. Hearing the voice of God concept.on the page and begin to pick up on messages and patterns within scripture that really speak to you on a deep level. Regular reading of scripture should be a cornerstone of your faith journey.
• Find community. Many of us hear God’s voice when interacting with other people, especially within faith communities. Whether that means reading scripture or attending services together, having discussion or prayer groups or simply finding a community in which you can thrive, this is extremely important.
• Prayer. If you begin to think of prayer as back-and-forth conversation rather than you simply talking at God, you’ll begin to have a better understanding of how you can decipher when God is speaking to you. It could be through circumstances in your life, or through other people. It is also impossible to understate just how much some solitary meditation and reflection can help you to find clarity in some of your life’s struggles and come to solutions to help you move forward.
• Charity. Some people like to engage in charitable acts to help them grow closer to God and better hear His voice. Curt Landry Ministries has plenty of opportunities for you to help the people of Israel through various donations and other charitable actions.

Do you struggle with hearing the voice of God? Reach out to Curt today and get the help you need to deepen your spirituality.