God’s Light | Menorahs & Hanukkiahs

The Light of God is something we all are drawn toward. While mere reminders of God’s Light, the lighting of a menorah or hanukkiah is special. Because, just as God commanded the great menorah in His Temple to be continually lit, we, as God’s temples are meant to have His Light burning brightly within us…

Join us below as we consider the importance of the menorah and hanukkiah and how YOU can bring that unique remembrance into your home.

Menorahs & Hanukkiahs:

While there are many reasons behind the use of both menorahs and hanukkiahs, one of the more poignant is related to our knowing Yeshua—the Light of the World—and serving as His temples.

The center candle of both a menorah—seven branches—and a hanukkiah—nine branches—is often known as the Servant Candle. As Believers we realize that this candle represents Jesus, because He came not to be served but to serve, and, of course, because He is the Light of the World that brings light to those who are willing to receive it!

The Servant Candle lights all the other candles and turns a darkened room into one filled with light…

No matter if we are lighting a menorah or a hanukkiah at Hanukkah—the lighting of the Servant Candle, and then carefully lighting the other candles with it—reminds us not only that Yeshua is our Light, but that, because He lives in us, we are able to partake of that Light and win against the darkness!

A hanukkiah with blue, red, yellow, and orange candles on a dark blue background.

God has chosen to make us His temple… and while in itself a menorah or hanukkiah holds no power, lighting them stirs something within us. Reminding us of God’s Light, Love, and Power! Reminding us of the Light that has chosen to dwell in us!

Menorahs & Hanukkiahs in YOUR Home:

At Curt Landry Ministries we understand the importance of remembrance. Of remembering God and being remembered by Him.

It is why we take communion, why we give according to God’s Word, etc. And it is why every Shabbat—every Sabbath—we light a menorah, and every Hanukkah we light a hanukkiah. Because that act puts us into remembrance of God and thereby, puts Him into remembrance of us…

While we certainly see the importance of these things, it is not done legalistically. We do it because we are led to, because we desire to remember God and be remembered by Him, and because there is something about God’s Light—and the reminder of that Light through lighting the menorah or hanukkiah—that is precious!

If YOU, like us, feel led to light a menorah or hanukkiah, then here are a few options we have available:

Start your time of dedication, rest, and meals by remembering the Light of God and welcoming Him into your home as you use your menorah.

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This petite 3.5 × 4 × 1 in. menorah serves not only as a wonderful reminder of God’s Light, but also of the truth that we are grafted in as Believers, creating One New Man from the two.

This menorah also reminds you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as God asks in Psalm 122:6, as the name of Jerusalem is written on the silver-toned finish base.

This 3.5 × 4 × 1 in. menorah serves not only as a wonderful reminder of God’s Light, but also of the truth that God has grafted us in to His children Israel and that we are commanded to pray His peace over them and Jerusalem (see Psalm 122:6.)

Beautifully decorated in a gold-toned finish, this menorah would make a wonderful addition to any home!

This classic style menorah is a timeless addition to any home. Tastefully decorated, it displays the Star of David and the Jerusalem skyline, reminding you of the family you have been grafted into and of God’s desire for us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (see Psalm 122:6.)

At 7 × 7 × 5 inches, this silver-toned menorah works well in any sized home!

Measuring 10 × 8 × 5 inches, this menorah makes a beautiful addition to any home. Decorated in a traditional yet modern style, this silver-toned menorah features a Star of David and a subtle Jerusalem skyline. Reminding all who see it not only of the Light of God, but of who we have been grafted into as Believers. Additionally, it prompts us to fulfill God’s Word by praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6!)

This silver-toned Metal Strings Hanukkah has a beautifully modern, simplistic look. Reminding you of the Light of the World, Yeshua, who has placed His Light in you!

It also reminds you of the God of miracles, and how the oil of the Holy Spirit never runs out!

Measuring 14 × 14 × 6 inches, this hanukkiah makes the perfect addition to any Hanukkah celebration!

This impressive silver-toned hanukkiah measures 14 × 14 × 6 inches and has clean, yet brilliant, lines.

By lighting this hanukkiah during your Hanukkah celebration you are reminded of God’s Light and miracles as you prepare your own heart to welcome them!

Unique but timeless, this hanukkiah reminds you of the roots of your faith through its rootlike base. Topped with exquisite pale blue and cream candle holders with an aluminum base, this 15 × 12 × 4 in. hanukkiah is the perfect addition to any Hanukkah celebration!

Remember the Light of God and His amazing miracles as you light this hanukkiah!

Light up your home for Hanukkah with this beautiful aluminum hanukkiah that is topped with pale blue and cream candle holders. With its delicate, straight lines this 14 × 12 × 3 in. hanukkiah is both a unique and attractive addition to any Hanukkah table.

Remember God’s Light and the wonderful miracles He has performed as you light this hanukkiah!

The first selection from our new Embassy Collection, this hanukkiah is crafted exclusively for Curt Landry Ministries.

Electroplated in sterling silver and set on a Jerusalem stone base signed by the Israeli artisan, it comes with a clear acrylic cover, to protect this exquisite piece for generations to come.

Measuring 18 × 18 × 18 in. and weighing an impressive 176 oz—including the stone base—this menorah will not only be a beautiful heirloom, but also serve as a reminder of God’s precious Light!

We pray that every time you light your menorah or hanukkiah that it serves as a reminder of God, His Light, and all that He is!

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