Faith, Family, and Legacy Interview Series | Part 6: Leaving a Legacy

We are wrapping up our final topic in the Faith, Family, and Legacy Interview Series. Curt Landry and his wife, Christie pull this personal series together, beginning with their powerful testimony and ending with practical ways of leaving legacy.


“We will not hide them [truths] from their children, telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.”—Psalm 78:4

In this final part, Curt shares what it means to share the ministry with his daughter Megann, and the powerful impact a man walking alongside him on a Mediterranean beach made in his life.

Question: What does it mean to you to share the ministry with your daughter, Megann?

Answer: Legacy—you have to work for a purpose, you have to leave a legacy. There is joy and motivation to leave something for your children.

Question: What were your hopes for Megann as a child?

Answer: I knew she would carry on what we do, being spiritual ambassadors between the United States and Israel. This is something she learned through experience. It’s taken years to communicate between the different countries, and Megann has her own reputation in Israel.

She has a gift of diffusing situations and she can stand on her own. She has been called to the ministry.

Question: Can you tell us about your first trip to Israel?

Answer: In 1991, Christi and I went to Israel for the first time. Because all of our faith roots come from Israel, it felt like we were coming home. It was a spiritual pilgrimage.

Matter has memory, and even the rocks of the land cried out and said they belong to the Jewish people. It completely confirmed that the Bible is true and conclusive.

We got there in the afternoon, and a man running a tour took me across the street from the hotel to the Mediterranean Sea. We walked down the boardwalk together and he shared with me the horrors of the Holocaust. He told me the Church and the world was silent. I was weeping as I listened.

He turned away and left me on the boardwalk. I felt the Lord telling me to walk down to the rocks. So I did, and I sat there. I had a supernatural encounter—thousands of fish swam in and out of the tide pool where I was sitting.

I put my hands out and said, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” He told me I would be a voice for Him. This would not happen again, not on my watch.

 Question: Did you know you would be back?

Answer: At that time, I didn’t know I’d be back as many times as I have. We knew we’d be back, but we had no idea how much we’d be so involved with agriculture, meeting the prime minister, preaching at David’s Citadel, or attending a parade in the honor of the ministry’s work.

 Question: When was Megann’s first trip?

Curt’s Answer: The first time she went it wasn’t with us. She went with a youth group and was about 16-years-old. Her group was the first believing Jewish children that had come back to the land.

Christie’s Answer: Yes, things just seemed to fall into place, it was just part of our walk. By the time she went she had been a part of the ministry for years. She was there for four weeks.

We hoped that she would realize her own call with God and with the land. We wanted her to have her own experiences with God.

Curt’s Answer: Yes, our children belong to God, not to us. To do this ministry she had to have a call to the actual land. This is the reason we plant olive trees, because we believe God’s Words are being manifested in the promises of God—His promise to restore the land.

Question: What was it like to share in your granddaughter’s first trip to Israel?  

Answer: We wouldn’t take her if we didn’t know it was safe. We felt it was important that she was there and had a connection to the land.

[Curt laughs] She was like a little peace treaty running around. Everyone loved her and she put a smile on everyone’s face. She knew it was her land, her family, her inheritance, her God. At one point there was a 40-year-old tree being planted and she was the first person to throw dirt on it. It was an amazing experience.

 The takeaway: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…”—Proverbs 13:22

Curt’s supernatural experience in the Holy Land left him believing, without a doubt, that he and his family were going to be part of something bigger than themselves. He just didn’t know how big.

What he did know, however, was to ask the Lord for His guidance. Sitting there beside the sea he called out to the Lord and He answered.

Curt Landry Ministries has been a voice for God to call together One New Man, just like Paul did in Ephesians 2:11-15, and to be a voice for the Holocaust survivors.

God used the man on the beach to ignite a flame of restoration and reconciliation for the children of God. Today, Curt Landry Ministries is revealing to the Church the inheritance they have, yet often forget, in the covenant promises of God.

It has been the Landry’s desire to teach about the Jewish roots of the faith, the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and bring restoration to the land of Israel.

The Landry’s know that legacy is important to continue the faith and to hold tight to biblically-based principles. Their ministry’s mission is to stand with Israel and to reveal to the Church Israel’s significant role in end-time events.

We will conclude the series with words from Megann Marcellino about how she has, and will continue to, pass this legacy on to future generations.