Curt Landry Ministries February 11, 2018

Curt and Christie Landry

We continue our journey with the Landry family as they share with us how their faith has shaped their lives. After receiving Christ and sharing their powerful testimony, we find them living in new and different ways—hungry for truth and asking God to show them His will for their lives.


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”—2 Corinthians 5:17

They left their old life and put on a new life of discipleship and shepherding others.

Question: How did life change after you started in ministry?

Curt’s Answer: We started House of David Ministries 17 years ago. Two years later I was ordained as a Rabbi. From that time forward, the ministry has expanded and flourished.  

Our life’s journey has changed because of being born again, not because of the ministry. We were already shepherding people, and it seemed that it naturally flowed into ministry.

Christie was saved first, and then three years later I asked the Lord into my life. Changes in the household had already begun with Christie. They continued to change after we were both born again. After accepting Christ, we were hungry for God’s will.  We began living differently and it was working.

We started to apply and live the truth. People in our community noticed, they were curious. Ministry seemed to follow suite.

Christie’s Answer: Megann also followed applying and living the truth because she saw it working in our lives. God is real and communicates with us. We taught her at a young age that the Holy Spirit is real and that you are to communicate with Him. He will give you His character and nature, and if you walk in that your life will be blessed. Blessing comes when you follow what the Word teaches.

 Question: Christie, tell us about the visit from the Holy Spirit that changed your life?

Answer: When Megann was born we weren’t Believers. Holding her as a baby, I had a God-experience and realized I didn’t want her to be a part of what I lived in, but something better.

[This heartfelt response is evident as Christie tears up reflecting on this powerful life-changing moment.]

At that moment I had a visit from the Holy Spirit, a God experience as a mom that changed my life. I decided at that moment that I was going to walk in a way that was pleasing to the Lord.

Question: Christie, what is it like as a mother of a daughter so active in ministry?

Faith and Family

Answer: [Christie laughs as she answers.] I learned at an early age Megann was determined, and that this was a gift from God.

I’ll never forget…  We were at home and I was downstairs. I heard Megann jumping on her bed upstairs. She was five-years-old at the time. I had gotten onto her for doing that before so I headed upstairs to talk to her about it.

When I saw her, I asked, “Megann, what are doing?” She turned and looked at me and said, continuing to jump with arms in the air, “Mamma! The Lord just told me I was gonna help the people of Israel!”

From that time on my calling was to keep her on that path and yielded to the Spirit to facilitate this calling.

The takeaway: As you can see through their stories, is that the Landry’s began living out, “… seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).  The Lord found them both at the end of themselves. Bearing pains and wounds to which we all can relate.

Transformation occurred when they realized their need of a Savior. They then started to apply the principles they read in the Word, and from there, the Lord has taken them on a journey of restoration and reconciliation—a path that He predestined for them.

He used their struggles and experiences, just as He does with all of us, in order to accomplish His good and perfect will. Giving Him all of the Glory.

Check back with us soon as we hear from Megann Marcellino, the Landry’s daughter, about her faith journey as a mom, wife and ministry-working daughter of a Rabbi.

Curt Landry was born and raised in Los Angeles, C.A. in a secular home…


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