Faith, Family and Legacy Interview Series | Part 7: Leaving a Legacy II

When we strive to leave a biblical legacy, it is to bring glory to God and pass on to the next generation the eternal hope that only He can provide. It’s a true act of selflessness that mirrors the Father’s love for the Son. Standing on the Word of God, knowing what He has called you to do, and unapologetically pressing on with faith to accomplish His will, is how legacy is born.

Previously we heard from Curt and Christie about practical and spiritual ways they have passed on legacy to Megann, their daughter, and how their legacy continues on to the next generation.

“…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”—Joshua 24:15

In this final topic of legacy, we hear about Megann Marcellino’s first trip to Israel, what it has been like to stand beside her father and continue his legacy, and how she is led by the Spirit as she passes on legacy to her daughter, Ariebella.

  • Question: Megann, can you tell us about your first trip to Israel?

Answer: I was 17. I was both nervous and excited. I new I was participating in something that was part of my destiny.

  • Question: What were your hopes after you returned from the trip?

Answer: I left with an incredible connection and a piece of myself I didn’t know I was missing. It was a spiritual sowing journey. My passion and hope for what the Lord was calling me to do grew.

  • Question: What were your first impressions when you arrived in Israel?

Answer: It was nothing like the news said it would be. Today it’s very touristy, but at that time it was a lot quieter. You didn’t feel unsafe at all.

  • Question: What type of work did you do on your trip? Did you know you would return?

Answer: The group I was with did all aspects of ministry and volunteer work like outreach programs, painting and service work. I knew I’d be back. I didn’t know in what capacity at the time, but I knew I’d return.

  • Question: When we spoke to your mom and dad about your daughter’s first trip, they said it was amazing to see the impact she had on people. What was it like for you taking Ariebella for the first time?

Answer: [Megann laughs] Well, she was 16 months old, so it was not easy! I was emotionally and mentally losing it because of jet lag. Ariebella of course didn’t change her sleep patterns with the time change. I think it was about eight days or so of sleepless nights. It was hard, but we need to do hard things with our kids.

  • Question: How did you prepare Ariebella for the trip?

Answer: We prayed a lot. We talked to her about the importance of the land and the people. We talked about how it was part of her heritage. She has dual citizenship because of her daddy. His parents made Aliyah and have dual citizenship.

  • Question: Were there other kids for Ariebella to play with?

Answer: Not really. She was mostly around the other people on that trip, along with the Holocaust survivors that the ministry supports in Israel. They really enjoyed her.

  • Question: How does your faith and marriage help leave a legacy?

Answer: Our faith is a huge part of our marriage. We’ve had ups and downs like any married couple, but we know we’ve been called to be together, and this is where we rest.

I don’t know how anyone goes through marriage without faith, it would be hard. It’s a covenant. We play a role in each other’s destiny. This gives Ariebella a foundation to carry on this legacy.

  • Question: What does it mean to you to help continue on with your father’s legacy?

Answer: There was a pause in our history because of his adoption. It has been an honor and privilege to stand with him as he realigns with his destiny. This has been so important to me.

  • Question: How do you hope Ariebella continues on with this legacy?

Answer: I want whatever God has for her—for her to be fulfilled in the Lord. It’s her choice. I don’t want her to feel trapped or pressured.

The takeaway: Megann’s voice during the entire interview seemed to say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” What is unique about Megann’s viewpoint on legacy is not only a Spirit-led approach when it comes to raising her daughter and passing down her Jewish roots of the faith, but she stands beside her father, honoring him through part of his faith journey as well. She is the middle generation making the connection between the older and younger.

Though Megann has grown up in a Spirit-filled home, she is not without personal struggles. These trials have led to triumphs in her life and she is unapologetically devoted to God and what He has called her to do.

“You, O Lord, remain forever; Your throne from generation to generation.”—Lamentations 5:19

There are physical acts to the legacy that she is leaving, such as planting olive trees, providing basic needs to the widows and the hopeless both in Israel and in the Church. These physical acts of faith can sometimes overshadow the passion of the heart. But when you sit down with Megann, it is evident that her faith and legacy are not simply something she does, it is who she is. These things are rooted in her soul.

“This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face.”—Psalm 24:6

Check back for the conclusion of this series as we wrap up how faith, family and legacy fit together in the lives of this family.