Decreeing and Declaring the Word of God

When was the last time that you were found decreeing and declaring the Word of God over your life? So many times as a pastor, people have come to me with difficult circumstances that are typical to all humankind… and they want answers. As much as I love being a pastor, it breaks my heart that my standard and very well thought out response rarely sits well.

You see I’m a pastor… not a savior. I can never fill the shoes of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. I can only point to the solutions that Jesus, our only savior, gave in the Word of God.

As Believers, we must begin to understand that part of our personal responsibility is to stand on the promises of God’s Word. The Word states that testing will come. So that means, when we step out in faith problems may and will indeed arise. The accuser of the brethren will come and try to steal away the positive results we are expecting. That’s what he does. He is a thief, a liar, a destroyer and a murderer.

So, when we step out in faith, and fear and doubt begin to arise, this is evidence that Satan is trying to steal God’s promises from us. But we, as Believers, are instructed to go back to the Bible and review the covenant rites that each one of us have been given.

The entire Bible is a legal and binding document that states our rites to a future and a hope. Within those pages we find principles written, that if applied will help us begin to walk out our destiny.

Yes, it’s that easy…

This isn’t a difficult practice, but it does take discipline. It takes fortitude to run to the Word of God and begin declaring His promises over a situation, when really what we would like to do instead is grumble, complain, and sometimes even curse God. Sound familiar?

I cannot tell you how many times it has taken me to get to the point where I run to the Word first before I go to another for help or support.

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What’s next?

So, what’s the next step after we have come into agreement with the Word by faith that our circumstances will turn around?

Repent. Ask the Lord to forgive you of any areas where you may have missed it on purpose or unknowingly, and then chose to forgive anyone involved in the incident. It is a choice. It’s rarely easy, but by releasing them from your judgment God is able to release you from yours.

And then what?

Praise. Yes, that’s right. Praise. Even before the situation has turned around, we are asked to come and begin to thank God for His goodness. That’s just another step of faith. First, we are to go to the Word of God, wash our mind from the lies of the enemy by reminding ourselves and our Father in Heaven that He promised to take care of us. Then we are to thank Him in advance.

Think about it this way. If you went to your boss and asked Him to resolve an issue you were having at work, and the boss agreed to fix the situation, wouldn’t you thank them? Even before they made the change, wouldn’t you say thank you before leaving the office?

Let’s take it a step further… let’s say you got hurt on the job and your contract clearly stated that your insurance would take care of you if an onsite injury occurred. If you felt like that agreement was being overlooked or even broken wouldn’t you go to the people in charge and show them the agreement to ensure that they were holding up their end of the deal?

This is also true of God’s Word. It says that Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession on our behalf. He is pleading our case with us. His very presence testifies to the covenant promise God made to us through His sacrifice on the cross.

Does God need reminders?

This brings up my last point for today. God doesn’t really need a reminder. He loves to bless His children, but He has set certain boundaries and we are responsible to follow His model. Just like a child may run to his parents after he’s completed his chores, seeking his reward, so we as Believers run to the Lord and show Him that we have taken His steps by faith, and we wait in thankful expectation for His promises to take effect.

At Curt Landry Ministries, we are so thankful for you. We cannot wait to see just what incredible things the Lord will bring during this new season as we prepare to walk out of slavery and into the Promised Land.