Curt Landry Ministries’ Guide to the One New Man

Every Believer's Guide to the One New Man Lifestyle

If you have joined us for any of our services at the House of David or visited our Curt Landry Ministries website for the first time recently, you might be wondering about the concept of the ‘One New Man’ that we frequently discuss. For many who come from a more traditional Jewish or Christian background, One New Man can truly be a foreign concept.


The general idea of this concept is that it involves Jews and Gentiles coming together as One New Man in faith. We believe that the separation of Jews and Gentiles was never in God’s plan and that it is our calling, as a people of God, to restore unity in faith. Through a combination of Jewish and Christian teachings and traditions, we are able to develop a greater understanding of our God, and ultimately, ourselves.

The message of the One New Man takes us deep into the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith and gives us a clearer understanding of where many of the pillars of our faith come from. This helps us to get a map, or guide, as we go on our faith journeys and come to know God better.


One of the many resources we offer on our website is the Guide to the One New Man Lifestyle. This valuable resource provides you with significant amounts of information and will answer most questions that you might have about this set of beliefs and lifestyle. Some common questions we receive and answer in the guide include:

  • What exactly is the One New Man?
  • Are we Christians or Jews?
  • Why do we celebrate Jewish holidays and rites if we are Born Again Believers?
  • What is the significance of the Jewish calendar to the Christian faith and lifestyle?
  • How does the Jewish calendar differ from the Gregorian calendar, and why do these differences matter?
  • What is immersion, and how does it differ from a traditional water baptism I’ve already been exposed to?
  • What is a covenant, and how does it affect my relationship with God and my overall understanding of the Bible and scripture as a whole?

We encourage you to download this FREE resource today to learn more!