Books to Strengthen and Teach

The Holy Spirit, His Word, and all that God is, provides Believers with a firm foundation. But God also uses the purposes and callings of others to teach us more about Himself. To see things through His eyes. Pastors, rabbis, teachers, and prophets speaking out the Word and plans of God is one way this is accomplished… another way is through the written word.

Join us as we explore some of the different study guides, Bible companions, testimonies, and narratives that can serve as tools to grow your walk with God!

Lessons for the Young:

No matter if we are parents or not, the futures of children should still be important to us—just as such futures were to Jesus. He did not want the children hindered from coming to Him. He did not keep His teachings from them. In fact, He said that we need to be like little children ourselves; open and full of faith.

Children of every generation have needed a firm foundation in God, but with every passing year this importance has only grown; for the return of our Messiah draws near. What enters the vessels of children—through their eyes and ears especially—needs to be good. It needs to give them a firm foundation. A God-filled foundation, where He acts as the cornerstone and the rock upon which their lives are built.

Some of the teaching stories currently available for children to help provide that firm foundation include:

Joel and the 34th Christmas

This book takes children through a look at our Savior’s birth in a new way, as seen through the eyes of the innkeeper who provided the birthplace of Jesus to Joseph and Mary.

Oliver & the Good Gardener

This book provides children with a beautiful introduction into the love of our God, the River of Life, and the One New Man.

Teachings on the Feasts of the Lord:

With the Blood of Yeshua—Jesus—the curse of the law has been removed… the curse being man’s inability to adhere to them all consistently. However, this does not mean that the law somehow loses value, for as Jesus said, He did not come to remove the law, but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17-18). There is still purpose in the laws and mandates of the Lord for both Jew and Gentile, flowing from a place of love.

Some of the teachings, companion guides, etc., available to help us on our journey into God’s Feasts include:

Fall Feasts: A Biblical Study of the Fall Feasts of the Lord

This book will help readers understand the prophetic significance and personal Kingdom revelation of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Each of these Feasts of the Lord are explained as the reader is led through the reasons why they matter to Believers today.

Spring Feasts: A Biblical Study of Passover & Shavuot |Coming soon!

This book will instruct the reader about the divine purpose and benefits of Passover and Shavuot and how they can unlock spiritual heritage.


Specifically designed to act as a companion for Passover Seders, this Haggadah provides step by step teachings, prayers, and Scriptures throughout.

Study Guides and Biblical Companion Teachings:

No matter how long we have followed God, there is always something more we can learn about Him and His ways.

Some of the study guides and biblical companion teachings available include:

  • The King’s Oil Booklet | Exodus 30 describes an anointing oil vastly different from most used by Believers today. Within the pages of this booklet are answers to key questions, such as: how this anointing oil is made, who can use it, what is its purpose, and why should we use it today. Available in printed and PDF versions.
  • Victory in Spiritual Warfare | In this book, the realization and reasons behind this truth, that every struggle and conflict faced in the physical realm has its root in the spiritual realm, is revealed.
  • 7 Steps to Emotional Healing | This book is designed to take the reader through seven steps that lead to spiritual and emotional healing, and subsequently, physical healing. By following these steps the reader no longer has to remain emotionally stuck, but can instead overcome.
  • Nourish Notebook| This Bible study journal is a customizable tool that guides readers through each step of the Nourish Bible Study Method.
  • Brave Heart | This nine-week study of Joshua will not only teach readers about the biblical figure and surrounding events, but will remind them that they, like Joshua, can be brave of heart.
  • Dream Builder | This six-week study of Joseph will not only instruct readers about the biblical figure and surrounding events, but will teach them how to let go of past hurts and fulfill their dreams.
  • Igniting Revival Fire Everyday | The Bible and history remind us that some of the world’s darkest moments were divine setups for ground-shaking Holy Spirit outpourings. This book includes 70 insights from top revival leaders that teach the reader to not lose hope, because God is still at work.
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Testimonies to Strengthen Your Faith:

Testimonies serve many purposes, but one of the primary reasons why Believers share them with one another is to renew faith. Hearing the testimony of someone else sets on display the wonder and power of God. It reminds us that God loves us and is ready to help us.

Such testimonies of hope can also be utilized as tools to draw those in need toward God’s open arms. To return those who have strayed to Him, and to relight the fire within those whose flame has gone out.

Some of the testimonies available include:

Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage

Curt Landry provides his testimony, showing how even before he was born, God protected and provided for him. Through Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage we discover how God gave Curt a heritage, even when he was left in an orphanage, even when he served his own self-interests instead of God’s… and how God has also left a heritage for every Believer.

Discussion Guide for Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage

This discussion guide takes readers through the book, Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage, in ways that help mark parallels between the lessons and events within the book and those within the reader’s life.

Unleashing Faith: An Awakening

This book will encourage and awaken the reader’s spirit as it unleashes faith within them, not only to help discern the voice of the Lord but also to do great exploits for His Kingdom.

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