A Shared Heart for Israel: Rabbi Eitan Shishkoff


Many of us have been abundantly blessed, while others battle to meet the basic every day needs. As the Jewish people continue to regather to their homeland, Israel, they are met with many hardships and struggles, often without basic needs such as food and clothing. As prophecy proclaims, God is at work in many Believer’s hearts, calling them to stand together with Israel.

We can be encouraged and remember that God’s eternal promises to His chosen people still stand…

“Thus says the Lord: ‘Behold, I will bring back the captivity of Jacob’s tents, and have mercy on his dwelling places; the city shall be built upon its own mound, and the palace shall remain according to its own plan. Then out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of those who make merry; I will multiply them, and they shall not diminish; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small. Their children also shall be as before, and their congregation shall be established before Me; and I will punish all who oppress them.”—Jeremiah 30:18-20

So how do we reconcile God’s eternal promise and the struggling Jews?

Rabbi Eitan ShishkoffRabbi Eitan Shishkoff, founder of Tents of Mercy, will be joining House of David Ministries on, Friday, November 17th to share his vision and heart for Israeli returning exiles.

Rabbi Shishkoff responded to a call from God almost 30 years ago when he had a vision of an oasis of tents full of food and provisions. “The Spirit of God spoke to him that this represented Eitan’s call to establish a place of refuge and healing for the returning exiles.”

In 1995, this vision became a reality. Today, Tents of Mercy provides practical assistance to Jewish immigrants, operating out of an industrial warehouse. Through their short-term housing, apartment search and employment counseling, those returning to their homeland find refuge.

“Tents of Mercy’s vision is to be an oasis for Israel’s returning exiles and for her native-born sons and daughters. In the ancient Near East the oasis was an absolutely vital center of refuge, supply, healing, equipping and sending out.”

Like Believers today that stand with Israel and have a strong desire to increase knowledge about their Jewish roots of faith, there is emerging unification and restoration, fulfilling biblical prophecy. Rabbi Eitan Shishkoff speaks of his personal journey of becoming a Jewish Believer and his call to provide provisions to Jews who are returning to their homeland empty handed.

“Tents of Mercy is seeking Israel’s salvation through planting indigenous, Hebrew speaking congregations in Yeshua’s homeland.” Using the Book of Acts as a template for congregational planting in Israel, they are responding to Isaiah 58:7 that says…

“Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, and not hide yourself from your own flesh?”

We invite you to mark your calendars to join House of David Ministries for a powerful and encouraging evening of teaching with Rabbi Eitan Shishkoff, Friday, November 17th at 7:45pm CT. We look forward to hearing his story and testimony, and his shared vision and heart for the nation of Israel.

For more information about this exciting upcoming evening with Rabbi Eitan Shishkoff please visit us online at www.curtlandry.com/newevents-2. This event will be LIVE streamed at www.CurtLandry.com/LIVE .