Prayer—Make it a Habit!

list of prayer requests

War Room, another great movie from the Kendrick Brothers (producers of Courageous, and Facing the Giants), has just hit the big screen. War Room, is an important work of art and entertainment that deals with the POWER of prayer. Moreover, it stresses that in consistency lays the victory. As the lead character, Elizabeth Jordan, played by Priscilla Shirer, grapples with a failing marriage, she is encouraged by an elderly prayer warrior to designate a space in her home strictly for seeking the Lord on a daily basis. What happens next? Well… I wouldn’t want to spoil the ending for you.

Still, this theme of the prayer closet has come up in our own congregation recently. The importance of designating a space where just you and God can commune on a DAILY basis is more than just an obligatory nod to the Father. It is literally the space we need as Believers to accomplish ALL that the Lord is preparing for us to do each and every day. 

A few years back there were many in our congregation, who I could tell in the Spirit, were not so sure if they would make it. Some were just coming into the understanding of the Jewish roots of their faith, and for many Jewish roots of their faithof those the pressure of realignment was a very tight fit. However, because of their willingness to commit to attend the Feasts of the Lord, His appointed times or Moeds, each of them are still with us.

You see… attending these Moeds are actually a sign of faith in action. They are covenant-keeping meals where the Lord provides for His people in order to prepare us throughout the year for the times ahead. These are strategic times, and the revelatory downloads that come from them can only be received during these God ordained moments—when we place our feet under the Master’s table.

Just like the Feast days, our regular devotional times are a place of healing and revelation. As we begin to carve-out a place with the Lord, He will begin to heal the old filters of unforgiveness and bitterness that have not allowed us to fully experience His revelation in the past. The battles that had seemed absolutely insurmountable in the past will become places of victory as we begin to defeat the enemy on a small-scale daily—rather than allowing things to build up over time which ultimately can lead us to defeat.

Helpful Tips for Creating your Own “Prayer Closet”

  • Find the space. It doesn’t have to be an actual closet or even a room for that matter. If you are outdoorsy like I am, maybe you’ll want to spend your private time with the Lord outside.

    Helpful Tips for Creating your Own Prayer Closet

    Have you ever considered creating a “prayer closet”… a place where you can go to alone, in privacy, to spend quality, focused prayer time? What are some ways that you currently are protecting and preparing for your dedicated prayer time?

  • Put on the full armor of God, taking every thought captive. Remember, as you put on the belt of truth, that it is literally the covenant belt of God’s promises. Everything on His belt loop is now accessible to you. 
  • Praise Him! Listen to worship music, or just begin to thank Him for His faithfulness. The Lord loves a grateful heart. 
  • Pray for the Peace of Israel and for those whom God places a burden on your heart. As you pray through for them, God releases that same healing in your own life. 
  • Don’t get distracted by your phone, or even by your family. Let them know that this is alone time for you and Abba, and that EVERYONE will be the better for it. 
  • Write down a list of prayer requests, or journal what the Father is saying to you. This will become an indefensible tool down the road. As you look over the testimonies of God’s faithfulness it will become a great source of encouragement and comfort in hard times. 
  • Decree the Word of God over your life. It is living. Take the promises of the Lord seriously. Pull out one promise for each day and stand on it. 
  • Soak in His presence. Don’t feel the need to perform. Just bask in the radiance of your Father’s love. 
  • Listen to worship music, draw or paint, study from a devotional. It doesn’t really matter, as long as these things bring you into a greater revelation of Abba, Father. 
  • Take a walk; listen to decrees and declarations you may have recorded on your phone, or listen to an audio version of the Bible. 
  • When things get tough, make your prayer closet the first place you run to, even before calling your pastor or closest intercessor. Go to God. He wants you to rely on Him. 

I hope that this blog has inspired you to take time out of your day to draw closer to the Lord. Although this might be awkward and difficult at first, the rewards will be far greater for you and your loved ones than you can ever imagine. You will NOT regret it!