Partnering Together Part 2

What is partnership? In my last post I wrote about how you and I were partners and co-laborers in the Kingdom.

But what is true partnership?

1 Samuel 30:22-26 gives us the perfect example of how partnership is to work together:

Then all the wicked and worthless men of those who went with David answered and said, ‘Because they did not go with us, we will not give them any of the spoil that we have recovered, except for every man’s wife and children, that they may lead them away and depart.’                                                  

But David said, ‘My brethren, you shall not do so with what the Lord has given us, who has preserved us and delivered into our hand the troop that came against us. For who will heed you in this matter? But as his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies; they shall share alike.’ So it was, from that day forward; he made it a statute and an ordinance for Israel to this day.

Now when David came to Ziklag, he sent some of the spoil to the elders of Judah, to his friends, saying, ‘Here is a present for you from the spoil of the enemies of the Lord.’”                 

This passage is one of the clearest forms of Covenant Partnership that you will find in the Word—and, it truly does express the heart of our staff and partners at Curt Landry Ministries, and most Partnering Together Part 2importantly, the heart of God! We understand the principle that it is impractical for all of us to be able to travel together in the natural, but that it is possible for all of us to journey together in the spirit.

David clearly stated from the Lord that those “who went,” and those “who were sent,” were to be equally rewarded. And then, Yeshua clearly reinforces this principle in Matthew 10:40-42 when He said:

“He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me. He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. And whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuredly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward.”

Curt Landry Ministries is passionate about GOING! And we GO through as many avenues as we can: literal travel to places all over the US and the world (Israel, Africa, South America), LIVE worldwide streaming, monthly letters and emails sent to families in the US and abroad, teaching CDs, DVDs, and downloads that travel the globe. These are just some of the ways that we go into all of the world…

And through the power of modern technology we are able to GO 24/7 but we are only able to do so because of our faithful friends and partners who support us.

Thank you for sending us with your prayers and your support; and if you are in need of prayer please let us know how we can pray for YOU.