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Paul and I were so blessed to visit the Curt Landry Ministries’ Jerusalem Safe House in December—we were there during Hanukkah so we were honored to light the Hanukkiah and celebrate with these precious girls!

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It is always such an honor and a joy to spend time in their home and hear their words of love and appreciation for all of our ministry partners. Our girls truly have a special bond with our family and even sent back this precious video to Christie, Megann, and Ariebella who could not make the trip this year:

This month as we celebrate the gift of love, I want to encourage you to think of the children of Israel, and I would like you to do three things:

1) Pray. Will you pray for our girls? Will you pray for their hearts and for their safety?

2) Write. Will you write a short note and tell our girls that you love them and that you are praying for them? In February we are going to collect the cards and letters and send them to our safe house—we want to flood them with love! [Please note that this is a one-time offer—if you want to participate your short note will need to be received on or before March 15th.] 3) Give. Will you consider sowing a gift of love into our Safe House program? We have ordered 200 of these special handcrafted, sterling silver and roman glass heart pendants, made in Israel, and would like to send you one for your gift of $125 or more.

Our girls have been…


and our home is 100% supported by Curt Landry Ministries donors!

They need your prayers. They need your love. And they need your financial support. Will you pray? Will you send a note? CLICK HERE to write today, or mail your note to: Curt Landry Ministries, P.O. Box 430, Fairland, OK 74331 Attn: Safe House Program. Will you give a gift from your heart? CLICK HERE to sow today and make a tangible difference in their lives.


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Curt and Christie Landry Founders, Curt Landry Ministries

What is the Curt Landry Ministries Safe House? Our apartment provides a home to hurting and abandoned young adults who have graduated from the adolescent residential care programs and have no family or support system for the next few pivotal years of their lives.

These young adults are at an age where they not only need a safe place to live and grow into maturity, but they also need loving guidance and wise counsel available during a time when many of life’s important choices will be made.

safe house jerusalemFortunately for the six young ladies living in this Curt Landry Ministries sponsored apartment, they have a warm, loving family environment to come home to after a day of serving in the IDF, performing National Service duties, or as they study in local universities. This is a safe place that ensures a sense of security and stability in each of their lives.

Upon arrival into the program, each of these young ladies individually agree upon a personalized development plan with the Bridge to Independence program staff. As time goes by—and as they learn and grow, maturing into responsible citizens—they are released from the program, with many new skills as mature, stable, and productive adults who will contribute greatly to society as they begin to take part in the Israeli and Jewish community life.

Today, the need for more Safe House apartments is overwhelming. As many young people are graduating daily from adolescent residential care programs, they too will need a safe place to live—a place that can provide a warm, loving environment, along with wise counsel and loving guidance. jerusalem safe house by curt landry

The difference between these young people and any others will be a matter of chance.

All that these young people need is to be given a chance for greatness. Each one of them has dreams to do great things for their nation, and through Curt Landry Ministries we are giving YOU a chance, not just to sow into a project, but to sow into the heart of Israel.

Help give them a second chance in life—for greatness!