How to Bring the Light into Your Home | Understanding the Mystery of Hanukkah

Walking closely with the Lord during this special time of year can be a challenge. He wants us to slow down and remember His great grace and favor. We can be pulled away from our firm foundation and the safety of the shore by an undertow of distractions. These distractions are not necessarily inherently bad, but they can cause us to lose focus on the light. But the mystery of Hanukkah, when revealed, can help us refocus and bring light into our homes. 

We want to encourage you during this time of the Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah. Pause for a moment on each of the eight days to remember the Light of the world. Remember that you are a vessel taking the light to others.

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The Mystery of Hanukkah | You Are the Light Because of Jesus

From the beginning, the Lord used the light to scatter and separate the darkness. His work continues through you.

“And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”

—Genesis 1:4

Hanukkah is a magnificent spiritual celebration that can be used to teach your family about what it means to walk in the light of the Lord (see Isaiah 2:5) and to be the light of the world (see Matthew 5:14).

Born-again Believers, this is for you: This is a season in which to battle in the opposite spirit. When depression, unforgiveness, and fear start to enter your home through a small crack in your foundation, it is time to begin operating in the spirit of thankfulness.

Thankfulness is like oil, and the fire of the Holy Spirit is the light. When they come together, the righteous—which is YOU because of Jesus’ work—shine and wickedness must scatter. Let the Lord anoint you with fresh oil during the season of light.

“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

—2 Corinthians 5:21

“The light of the righteous rejoices, but the lamp of the wicked will be put out.”

—Proverbs 13:9

Top view of open Bible next to tiles that spell out "Light of the World" on wooden background.

The Mystery of Hanukkah | Decree and Declare the Light in Your Home

This is a time when God is restoring and renewing the light of hope, thanksgiving, and Himself in your life. As you light the Hanukkiah in your home, you can speak these blessings that bring God’s unity in the Light of Yeshua, Jesus Christ, to your surroundings…

The Shamash Candle and the 1st Candle

The Shamash, or Servant candle, representing Yeshua, sits in the Hanukkiah a little higher than the others (usually in the middle position of the Hanukkiah). Use this candle to light the other candles each night of Hanukkah. 

Place the first candle to the far right in the Hanukkiah and use the Servant Candle to light it. When lighting the first candle, you can say a blessing such as…

“Father God, we decree and declare that You have called, chosen, saved, and blessed us to be one with You. Thank You, Father, for Your abounding love that restores us to You through Christ.”

The 2nd Candle

On the second night, place two candles in the Hanukkiah—one to the far right, and the 2nd candle to the left. Light the Shamash (middle Servant candle) first, then light the two candles from left to right (newest, second candle, first). 

The second candle represents the covenant that is made between you and the Father. 

Biblically, the number “two” deals with the duplicity of man, which is body and spirit.

As you light the candles, you can say a blessing such as…  

“Father God, thank You that You have made us one with You. Thank You for securing our covenant with You through the blood of Christ. Continue to sanctify our body and our soul and let our spirit be one with You.”

The 3rd Candle

On the third night, place three candles in the Hanukkiah to the far right. Light the Shamash/Servant candle, then light the newest (third) candle first, then the other two (from left to right). 

The third candle represents the Trinity. 

You can say a blessing when lighting the candles such as…

“Father God, thank You for the unity of the Trinity—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We thank You for the power of the three-stranded cord and the covenant with You—that the cord is not easily broken, and we can overcome.”

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The 4th Candle

On the fourth night, place four candles to the far right (from right to left). Light the Shamash candle and use it to light the newest candle first, then the three previous candles (lighting them all from left to right). 

The fourth candle represents an open door of opportunity. 

Here is a blessing you can say as you light the candles…

“Father God, reveal to us the open door You want us to walk through. Thank You for the opportunity, and we will say yes to walking through, in wholeness and in Jesus’ name, through the doors you have opened.”

The 5th Candle

On the fifth night, place five candles in the Hanukkiah from the far right to left. Light the Shamash/Servant candle and use it to light the newest (5th) candle first, then light the previous four candles from left to right. 

The fifth candle represents God’s grace and favor. 

As you light the candles, you can say a blessing such as…

“Father God, let us have Your grace, favor, power, and authority to walk in Your light for Your glory. Shine Your face on us and show us Your favor. Let us embrace the truth that Your grace, through Jesus, freely justifies us.” 

The 6th Candle

On the sixth night, place six candles in the Hanukkiah from right to left. Light the Shamash/Servant candle, then the sixth (newest) candle first and the other five (lighting from left to right). 

The sixth candle represents the nature of man, which is carnal and weak.

While lighting the candles, you can thank the Lord for His power in you by saying a blessing such as…

“Father God, thank You for giving us supernatural power to overcome the nature of man in every aspect. You’ve made us supernatural agents from Heaven to Earth, and we ask that You let the light shine over all our weaknesses so that You may receive the glory.”

The 7th Candle

On the seventh night, place seven candles in the Hanukkiah from right to left. With the Shamash candle, light the newest (seventh) candle first, then the next six—lighting from left to right. 

The seventh candle represents the perfection of the Messiah.

As you light the candles, you can express your gratitude to the Lord by saying a blessing such as…

“Father God, You are perfect and complete. Thank You for the perfection of Jesus in us. Let the light and the completion that was done on the cross shine through us.”

The 8th Candle

On the eighth and final night, with the Shamash candle in the middle holder, place eight candles in the Hanukkiah from right to left. Light the Shamash candle, using it to light the newest (eighth) candle first, then the previous seven candles (lighting each from left to right). 

The eighth candle represents new beginnings. 

While lighting these candles, you can say a blessing such as…

“Father God, we decree and declare this is a year of new beginnings. Let the resurrection power shine through us as we enter this next season. Renew and revive our souls with a fresh, new anointing that will accomplish Your will for Your Kingdom.”

Remember This…

The blessings listed above do not have to be spoken verbatim. It is about recognizing the power of the Lord and the significance and representation of His numerology. Meditate and pray, asking God to give you the words that reflect His authority and grace each day.

Let us remember the history of Hanukkah, the Maccabean warriors who did not compromise. We are to be soldiers and watchmen, more than conquerors through the Messiah’s love, who gives us strength, as we go out into the world.

The mystery of Hanukkah is more than simply knowing what each candle repents. It is taking to heart the roots of the festival and making a decision to draw close to the Light and allowing Him to shine through you. May the name of the Lord be glorified through your home, your family, and how you live this holiday season. 

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