House of David 5776/2016 Passover Seder

Passover‘These are the feasts of the Lord, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times.’”—Leviticus 23:4

Passover is right around and the corner, and if you are not joining us in-person this year we would hope that you will make plans to join us LIVE online Friday, April 15th at 6:15 PM at

The Passover season is one of the most important seasons for our ministries, and we would be honored to have you worship with us!

In fact, you might wish to host a Seder at your home for your family and friends while you follow along with us via LIVE stream!

Here is what you will need:

  • Matzah
  • Horseradish (One teaspoon per person is ample)
  • Charoset (We make enough for a heaping tablespoon per person)
  • Parsley (Just enough for everyone to have a sprig)
  • Salt Water (Enough for people to dip their parsley into)
  • Grape Juice or Wine (Enough for each person to have 4 sips—you will also need 4 small cups or glasses per person)
  • It is also traditional/symbolic to have a roasted lamb shank bone and a boiled egg on the table

Download this year’s Haggadah and print it off for your dinner guests. OR, if you are a tech savvy bunch, you can receive the Haggadah via text message, and follow along via your mobile device!

What is Passover?[i] “After many decades of slavery to the Egyptian pharaohs, during which time the Israelites were subjected to backbreaking labor and unbearable horrors, Gd saw the people’s distress and sent Moses to Pharaoh with a message: ‘Send forth My people, so that they may serve Me.’ But despite numerous warnings, Pharaoh refused to heed Gd’s command. Gd then sent upon Egypt ten devastating plagues, afflicting them and destroying everything from their livestock to their crops. “At the stroke of midnight of 15 Nissan in the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), Gd visited the last of the ten plagues on the Egyptians, killing all their firstborn. While doing so, Gd spared the Children of Israel, ‘passing over’ their homes—hence the name of the holiday. Pharaoh’s resistance was broken, and he virtually chased his former slaves out of the land. The Israelites left in such a hurry, in fact, that the bread they baked as provisions for the way did not have time to rise. Six hundred thousand adult males, plus many more women and children, left Egypt on that day, and began the trek to Mount Sinai and their birth as Gd’s chosen people.” SederThese are the feasts of the Lord which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, to offer an offering made by fire to the Lord, a burnt offering and a grain offering, a sacrifice and drink offerings, everything on its day.”—Leviticus 23:37

As Believers in Messiah we, too, are invited to place our feet beneath the Lord’s table in “holy convocation.” The feasts of the Lord are special times throughout the year where the Lord Himself prepares a table before us—even in the midst of our enemies. It is a special and intimate time with our Father, remembering His faithfulness, and forgetting not all of His benefits.

We hope that you will make plans to join us LIVE online as we celebrate the Feast of Passover together!