Higher Thinking | Think Like the KING of Kings!

Are We Thinking Like the KING of Kings?

Philippians 2:5 prays that the mind of Christ would be in us, yet within this Scripture stands one word we often forget. Let. We have to accept the mind of Christ. We not only have to PRAY for it, which is often overlooked as well, but we have to open ourselves to it.

Join us as we discover what it means to think like Christ and how we can welcome His mind into our own!

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.’”

—Isaiah 55:8-9

God’s thoughts are higher than ours. We generally realize the truth of this, but do we understand why His thoughts are higher than ours? Do we realize the POWER of our thoughts? 

Our thinking sets the paradigm from which our heart, expectations, emotional health, words, and very view of who we are spring out of. Yes, thoughts alone—without action or being allowed residency—can disappear and leave little to no sign of their having existed, but often, thoughts do leave an impact. Shaping our current and future nature while shifting our view of past events…

“Keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising him always.”

—Philippians 4:8 (TPT)

Thoughts that align with those of God and His perfect will—His perfect thoughts and plans—spring forth into life. Those that flow out of stagnant waters or worse still, thoughts that come from the enemy, lead to death. It is as simple as that.

What we think defines us, not because the thoughts we think are always aligned with who we are, but because what we think can become our personal identity—even if it is miles apart from the identity God sees… 

“You have all become true children of God by faith in Jesus Christ! Faith immersed you into Christ, and now you are covered and clothed with his life. And we no longer see each other in our former state—Jew or non-Jew, rich or poor, male or female—because we’re all one through our union with Jesus Christ.

“And if you belong to Christ, then you are now Abraham’s ‘child’ and a true heir of all his blessings because of the promise God made to Abraham!”

—Galatians 3:26-29 (TPT)

If our identity is contrary to the identity we should have in Christ, then everything we do, strive for, and say, will come out of this place of false identity! This is why we must think like Christ.

Exchange Your Old Way of Thinking!

Let us look at this another way…

When someone sees something with their eyes, that information essentially tells them what something is and what they can expect from it… and usually this information is right. Yet, even if there is a minor error in what we expect, it is not necessarily going to end in disaster. For instance, if we mistake a couch for a chair, little harm should occur because the seat is actually bigger than we are expecting. But not all mistakes are without danger. For instance, if we view an elephant as a mouse this could easily become a life-threatening blunder because we are expecting an animal that weighs around an ounce and can fit in our hand but are actually getting one that weighs three to over seven tons!

Just as our eyes, using our brain, takes what we see and turns it into a series of facts about what is before us—what we can expect—our mind filters what we see from all that we’ve experienced. When the mind of Christ is in us, we typically see the true reality of what is around us. But when His mind does not live in us, and we do not think like Christ, mistakes can be made… at times these are small and turn out alright, but bigger mistakes in judgement do happen…

We can misplace a set of keys and worry that we are losing our memory! A mild stomach ache can be ‘turned into’ cancer! A friend’s suggestion can become an out and out assault on our own opinions! The way we think determines what we believe, and it is the mind of Christ that allows us to put things into perspective—to see the attacks of the enemy as they actually are and not turn mice into elephants.

We NEED higher thinking! And to think higher we require the mind of Christ in us!

"What consumes your mind controls your life" written on a highway road

But how can we think like Christ, our Messiah? After all, the thoughts of God are higher than ours…

Philippians 2 says we are to allow the mind of Christ in us. Matthew 7 and Luke 11 say that we are to ask, to seek, and to knock, and God will answer. James 4 says that we do not have what want because we do not ask; or ask amiss. We need to ask God for His mind to dwell in us—for His thoughts to become ours. We need to seek His perfect will daily. And we need to allow His thoughts to reside within us!

No More Stinkin’ Thinkin’!

We are in a new era, and with a new era comes change. While in past seasons it was acceptable to not always be in tune with the mind of Christ, we cannot expect to remain in this place of ineffectual thinking and prosper! We need to seek deeper intimacy with God and HIS way of thinking if we are to do all He desires in this season… to prosper.

Negative thinking will not move us forward. Our thoughts need to come into submission to God’s, because it is His thinking that will lead us onward and upward into our higher call. It is His thinking that allows us to hear His voice, see His plan, and know His heart!

We need to remove our old filter and accept the new, clean, and improved filter of God’s view and think like Christ.

When Christ is our filter we see:

  • Our TRUE identity
  • Others as God sees them
  • How to move forward
  • That the joy of the Lord is our strength
  • The truth of situations
  • Beyond deception and straight to reality
  • That man may make plans, but God’s will WILL be done
  • How our words can change things
  • How our actions affect people and God’s Kingdom
  • How the ways of God are best
  • That God desires our good—for us to prosper and thrive

All these and more create an accurate, healthy reality that can be our daily view… and all it takes is to ask God for the mind of Christ to be in us, to seek it daily, and to accept it! He is more than willing to allow us to think like Him! 

When we choose to enter into God’s thoughts, our actions, prayers, and words all become more powerful, because they are driven by the heart of God! With His mind in us we: accomplish the perfect will of God; pray what He would have us pray; speak what He would have us speak… and we have victory! We see the higher way and walk in it!

James 4 says that when we pray for things we desire but that are contrary to the will of God, those prayers are not answered… that seeking our own pleasures leads to actions, prayers, and words that are ineffectual. But when we think like God does, the prayers we speak begin to be answered because they no longer come from a place of selfish desire. 

Our words, actions, and prayers all hold power even if we do not accept the Lord as our Savior, but when we not only accept Him but also His thoughts, that is when miracles happen! That is when we step up to answer our higher call in Christ!

Seeking God, meditating on His Word, praying for His thoughts to become ours, all of these position us to accept the mind of Christ. 

It is time for us to rise up as children of the Most High! To think like our Father God!

“Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.”

—1 John 3:1