Understanding How God’s Prophetic Calendar Prepares You for Your Call

Did you know God’s prophetic calendar prepares you to fulfill His calling on your life? Every appointed time, every feast, and every observance carries a message and instruction to prepare and empower you to fulfill what He has written in His books about you. 

Right now, we are in a time called Counting Down the Omer. This is the 50-day period between Passover and Shavuot. The Counting Down the Omer is a time of introspection, reflection, and decreeing. It is when we put God into remembrance of His Word, the 9 blessings of Passover, and prepare for the empowerment that comes at Shavuot. 

All the appointed times on God’s calendar are prophetic and apply to you and your Kingdom assignment. 

Join Rabbi Curt Landry as he explains how…

  • Purim
  • Passover
  • Counting Down the Omer
  • Shavuot

… Prepare you to focus and walk out your faith and honor God in your daily life, in your family, and in your value system.  

Transcription from Podcast (Revised for Readability)

Shalom, Rabbi Curt Landry here with our podcast, Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority

Why would you be interested in anything that’s ancient in the Bible, and why would you be interested in Kingdom authority? The scripture says in Ephesians that we battle not against flesh and blood but powers, principalities, and heavenly hosts in dark places. 

I know this: The heavenly hosts in dark places and the powers and principalities are…

  • Ancient
  • Well educated
  • Have experience
  • Have been around, and watching and studying us since the beginning

The powers and principalities understand how things work. They know the authority we have in Yeshua, and they hate it. 

This is why I am doing this podcast so that you can understand and know how to battle. I don’t want you to perish for lack of knowledge. I want you to understand the ways of God. 

Make a decision today and say, “I’m going to follow hard after God and His ways. I am not going to resist them.” Following God’s ways leads to more joy, health, and prosperity in our calls and assignments. Our paths will be made straight when we do things God’s way versus trying to do things in our soulish ways. 

Answering Your Questions About God’s Appointed Times

Today is to answer some of your questions about the Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost, one of God’s appointed times on His calendar. 

In Hebrew, the appointed time is called the Feast of Shavuot. This takes place 50 days after Passover. 

God’s Calendar is Always Preparing You

See how there are steps in God’s calendar. These steps are all about preparation. 

Step 1 | Purim

In the first part of the year, on the Gregorian calendar, we have Purim from the book of Esther. This usually falls in March.

Why is Purim important? Because during this time, we are asked the question, “Are you going to say yes like Queen Esther did to answer the call of God?” It’s that simple. At Purim, you say yes to the Lord, and you make new decrees. Say, “I’m going to go forward with God.”

Step 2 | Passover

Then your next divine appointment, your next appointed time, which is moed in Hebrew. That next moed is Passover. 

Passover is a time when the Lord brings you four cups…

  1. The Cup of Sanctification
  2. The Cup of Healing
  3. The Cup of Redemption
  4. The Cup of Praise

That’s where communion comes from. That’s when Jesus said, with fervent desire, “I desire to have this Passover table with you.” It is the commissioning of a new covenant—and that’s Passover. 

A Review of The First Two Steps

These two steps lead you to the power encounter released at Pentecost/Shavuot. 

  • At Purim, you say, “Yes, I’m willing to do it God’s way. I want to be empowered.” 
  • Then the Lord says, “Good. Join me at the Passover table where I can cleanse you from your Egyptian slavery and Hellenized thinking that’s contrary to the power I will give you. In fact, you can’t mix the two. Let Me bring these four miraculous cups of Passover to cleanse you. Let Me release the nine blessings of Passover in your life.”
  • Then God takes you through the 50-day period of Counting Down the Omer that we read about it in Leviticus. 

Step 3 | The Counting Down the Omer

The Counting Down the Omer is a counting down of introspection.

During this time, you prepare for success in your new season. It’s a time of…

  • Preparing for the impartation
  • Rethinking
  • Refocusing
  • Speaking and decreeing

For the Jewish people, it is a time to speak blessings every day for 49/50 days. When you speak, you are putting God into remembrance of those nine blessings of Passover. And you’re saying, “Lord, I’m getting ready for my journey of empowerment.” 

Step 4 | Pentecost/Shavuot

I know that for most Christians, Pentecost is about the upper room experience. It’s where tongues of fire came down. It’s when the first Believers were gathered together. We read about this in the Book of Acts. They were in one accord and one place at Pentecost, at Shavuot. 

But why were they there in the upper room

They weren’t there because of Pentecost (which would be the birth of the Church), but it hadn’t happened yet. So, what were they celebrating? Why were they in Jerusalem? 

These were believers in Jesus, and they were there in Jerusalem celebrating Shavuot. Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah and the birth of the nation of Israel. It is celebrated to remember when Moses brought down the instructions from Mount Sinai. 

Applying Shavuot to you… 

  • And so, what Shavuot is for you and me, is this: It’s a celebration of when the instruction and the Spirit come together, and that is a true supernatural transforming power.
  • When the Word of God and the Spirit of God are in agreement in your life, and you are in agreement with that, that is absolutely the most powerful three-stranded chord you can have in your life. 

Because of this three-stranded cord and transforming empowerment by the Spirit of God, you have an unfair advantage over every other situation and every other person because you now know the instruction. You know the Spirit and your body, soul, and spirit in this year of 5783/2023, the year of wholeness, you’re in agreement with what God’s doing in that power.

Now you’re in agreement with…

  • God the Father
  • God the Son, the Lamb of God
  • God the Holy Spirit

At Shavuot, the Holy Spirit comes with fire and empowerment, and you’re in agreement with Him. Any time you come in agreement in threes with God’s ways, then the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob brings covenant power into you. 

He brings that covenant power into you so that the Lord sets you free from this Egyptian thinking. During this Counting Down the Omer, these 49/50 days, God says, “Tarry in the upper room. Tarry, the power from on high will come!” 

This is what happened to the Believers in Jerusalem. And what results they got! I mean, thousands of people got saved immediately after the Holy Spirit fell on this group. To this day, every Christian was transformed at Pentecost/Shavuot. 

The birthing of the power of multiplication of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit happened at Shavuot. 

What Happens When You Reset Your Calendar to God’s?

When you come to the Lord and celebrate according to His prophetic calendar, you reset your life in the instructions of the Holy Spirit and are transformed. 

He transforms your habits and patterns, your mind will and emotions, when you say…

  • “I’m going to celebrate Purim. I’m going to be like Esther and say, ‘Yes, deliverance will come.’ I will submit to you, Lord. I will make a covenant with You with the four cups of Passover. I will receive the nine blessings. I will apply the blood of the Lamb to my life, and I will prepare for 49 days, Counting Down the Omer with introspection, meditation, and soaking myself in the Word and praising You. I may even fast, but I’m going to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of the things shall come on to me.”

This is a time when He delivers. He’s giving you 49 days to prepare for the empowerment. It’s just really a powerful principle (during Counting Down the Omer). 

Then, when Pentecost/Shavuot is over, you’re sent out on your call, you’re sent out on your purpose, and you feel confident because your body, soul, and spirit are in agreement with what God’s doing. Your faith has grown. 

  • You have godliness with contentment, which is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6). 
  • You have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7). 
  • You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus, who gives you strength (Romans 8:37).

You’re able to pray and say, “Father God, I can ask because I know that all things are possible through You because You give me strength, and all the promises in the Lord are yes and amen.” That’s what Counting Down the Omer prepares you for. 

Christie and I have been observing and celebrating this for, I think, 30 years, and we follow this calendar of preparation, and every year we believe that we’re going up the mountain of the Lord a little further.

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What Observing the Counting Down the Omer Does in the Spirit

Observing Counting Down the Omer is not to be done legalistically, but rather it is to deal you’re your focus.

When you focus on the Lord and His Kingdom, He’ll direct you on how to focus and sown into your family and Kingdom value system.  

  • It deals with focus, family, and values.

Personal Story of Teaching Children

When you focus on the Lord, you are teaching your children to do the same. Children are sponges. We have our grandchildren in our services and in our meetings in the adult services. And even though they may be coloring or have a little Paw Patrol drawing pad, almost every time later on in that week, they’ll say, “Saba, and you said this…” They’re listening.

We recently had a birthday party for Pastor Tim. We prayed and had dinner. We paused between dinner and the birthday dessert of coconut cream pie. We all come back around the table to have the birthday coconut cream pie, and our three-year-old, Joseph looks around as we all sit at the table and everyone’s getting ready to eat the pie. 

There are all these adults around the table. And he says, “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” He says, “We have to pray first.” And he literally sat there and extended his little hands out to his mom on one side, and his Nana was on the other. He grabs their hands, puts his head down, and does the family prayer we pray.

He’s looking at all of us around the table. He’s looking at the blessing of the coconut cream pie, which he wants to eat, but he says, “No, we need to pray first.” 

I think Christians need to celebrate these feasts to help them focus. 

Listen, you know the enemy in this hour. He wants to distract, deceive, and destroy. And how does he do that? He removes your focus. 

  • Why would you observe and do the Counting Down the Omer? 
  • Why would Christians celebrate Passover? 
  • Why would Christians celebrate Pentecost or Shavuot and have all that focus?

Because it not only brings transformation but safety. 

Regarding our family and many families that are with us, they don’t suffer some of the things other people do. Listen, we’re absolutely not perfect, but our culture is such that we have a lifestyle that is constantly reinforcing ancient principles in Kingdom authority. There are habits and patterns that are always being developed and sharpened. 

As you know, in mass media manipulation, something evil is always coming up to steal your blessings and peace. But God wants you to claim what He has given you. 

Listen, do not become legalistic about this, but it’s a great season and a great time we are in. Join us with our teaching. It’s a great time to come together and have everybody do something that comes out of the Bible. 

Be Aware of Spiritual Warfare During These Times

Well, I would love to say, “Oh no, if you do this, you won’t have added spiritual warfare.” But the truth is that anytime you tap into something that can harm the enemy, where you and your family are going to prosper and health, and you become a testimony and the way you life your life is a threat to him, there will be warfare. 

I love Isaiah 43:10 and have been declaring it for 30 years, “’You are My witnesses,’ says the Lord, ‘And My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, nor shall there be after Me.’”

I made a decision 33 years ago that I was going to try to remove idolatry. And I said, “Lord, make me Your witness, prosper me, and whatever You have for me, let’s do that.” And so, that’s what’s happening. And the enemy hates that. 

The enemy hates the story I just told you about our family at a birthday party. But isn’t it amazing that the Lord used a three-year-old? Now, listen, we already said prayers earlier, but he was so excited to be at that table with that coconut cream pie. He thought, “We better go another round.” Yes, there’s going to be increased warfare, and you need to prepare for that. That’s why I did all the teaching on victory and spiritual warfare, breaking generational curses, and you can get that on our webpage

I would go through it. It’s 35-40-minute classes. Pastor Tim and I taught them. I would order the spiritual warfare workbook and take your family through it or get some friends and do some teaching.


I pray words from Luke 24 over you…

“And Jesus said, ‘Behold, I send you the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.’

“Father God, I just pray right now for each and every one that’s watching/listening to Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority, that they would wait where they’re called to wait upon the Lord. Seek the Lord, study His word, pray in the Spirit, meditate on His Word, fast and pray and wait until the Lord indues you with power from on high as they did at the Feast of Pentecost, at Shavuot.

“I pray that the power might become your thrust, your passion, your compassion, and it actually becomes your provision. Because when you are in alignment with God, with great passion and great alignment, Ephesians 3:20 happens. He’s going to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ask or think.”

God bless you, and we’re excited that you’re partnering with us on these podcasts, Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority. I’ll see you at the next podcast.


Curt Landry, founder of Curt Landry Ministries, and his wife, Christie, travel extensively, preaching and teaching about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Together, their passion is to empower families to live and leave Kingdom legacies and understand their own personal heritage.