Dr. Alveda King: Racial Reconciliation Should Be a Priority for Christians


As we prepare for the House of David Ministries meeting with Dr. Alveda King as guest speaker on October 27th, we continue to take a closer look at some of her most important viewpoints. Perhaps the subject she is most known for outside of her pro-life activism is racial reconciliation.

What exactly is racial reconciliation?

The idea is simple—race reconciliation involves making a conscious effort to end racism and bring people of all races and ethnic backgrounds together under one common faith. The idea is that through race reconciliation, people can eliminate the borders and boundaries that divide God’s people.

While the concept is simple, the actual process of accomplishing it is staggeringly difficult. There is no simple solution for resolving the problem of racism in America. Even now, in 2017, racism is still ingrained in a significant portion of our society, as seen most recently in the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia.

However, according to Dr. King, there are a few reasons why racial reconciliation is so important for people of faith. Here are a few reasons why Dr. King believes it should be a priority for all Christians:

1. All people were created in the image of God

The Bible is clear, over and over again, that the only way to look at another human, regardless of race or background, is to see them as another being created by God. If people believe all are created in the image of God, then they see the common connection that binds them together and can eliminate hatred and bigotry.

Prejudice is an act fueled primarily by sin, which works to corrupt and divide human beings. By working toward racial reconciliation, people say through their actions that they believe in, and are committed to, practicing the Gospel.

2. The Church is a major outpost of God’s Kingdom

There are passages in the Book of Revelation that describe scenes in Heaven in which people of all nations and tribes come together before God’s throne. These are very intentional passages that show the importance of people coming together and unifying, despite their differences. This unification is what God desires.

Churches must be models of diversity to show that God’s ultimate plan for His people can truly exist here on earth. In this way, churches can become a place where people from all backgrounds, and all walks of life, are united together.

3. Our love for our neighbors can help them grow and flourish

Christians are consistently called to love their neighbors and be agents of the Gospel by serving others. Many communities in the United States have been destroyed, or severely impaired, by racial strife and violence. Only with an attitude of committing to serve others can these communities be repaired, ultimately allowing each of those who live in them to reach their full potential.

For much more on the subject of race reconciliation be sure to come out for Dr. Alveda King’s illuminating discussion October 27th at House of David Ministries! Click Here for more information.

Dr. Alveda King, Bio:

As a “Guardian of the King Family Legacy” Alveda is a noted civil rights activist. She is often in demand for her knowledge and firsthand experience in the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement headed by her uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and supported by her father, his brother Rev. A. D. Williams King. Alveda is a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a grateful mother and grandmother. She is a respected lecturer, former college professor, author, mentor, stage and screen actress, Georgia State Legislator and Presidential appointee.

She has been elected to sit on several boards, and has received numerous awards and honors. Through her ministry of Alveda King Ministries; ministry in her local Church, Believers’ Bible Christian Church in Atlanta, GA; and her vocation as Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life, she devotes her God-given gifts and talents of writing, singing, song writing, producing and directing media projects and other gifts “to glorify God in the earth.” Among her most popular books are I Don’t Want Your Man, I Want My Own; Who We Are in Christ Jesus; and the newly released Life at All Costs, a National Black Prolife Coalition Anthology. Alveda’s newest book, King Rules, shares in a deeply personal collection of hard-learned lessons, timeless truths, and foundational principles.

Alveda often appears on television and is heard on radio shows across the world. She is a regular contributor for the News Max “Insiders” column, as well as Fox News. Her media appearances have included CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Huckabee, Beck, Hannity and other national and global media hosts. She has traveled to Africa, Israel, Europe, and other locations, and her global and biblical worldview is appreciated, though often perceived as “controversial” depending upon the audience.

The mission of Alveda King Ministries—where Jesus Christ is Lord—is to “enhance the lives of people spiritually, economically, intellectually and socially.” From this perspective, Alveda is available to speak on the following topics of expertise: Civil Rights, Racial Reconciliation, Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, Religion, Marriage and the Family, the Economy, Life, Youth Mentoring, Social Justice, and Women’s Rights.