How is Biblical Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

On April 26th, Curt Landry will join Perry Stone as a special guest speaker at the upcoming Perry Stone Ministries’, International Prophetic Summit. As our ministry prepares for this important [...]

Why Confidence is Important

There are many people in the Body of Christ today who struggle with confidence. They are so used to the snares of insecurity and the heartbreak of failure, that they forget why confidence is so [...]

When Anxiety Gets the Best of You

Anxiety and fear can be completely debilitating. Yes, we’ve all experienced those times of nervousness, but it is when these two dark forces come together and blind you from any hope of a future [...]

Unity is Power

Most understand the concept of Unity is Power. Nations, governments, and cultures around the globe know that the principles of unity work to protect, provide, and flourish those who are within [...]

How Can Experiences Change a Person?

No matter our upbringing or our beliefs, our experiences undeniably influence our lives. We often look through the lenses of experience in the world around us, rather than the reality that it is. [...]

Is My Spiritual Identity Being Stolen From Me?

As Believers, we have a high calling in life. We are called to be peacemakers in the midst of chaos, light bearers in utter darkness, speakers of truth where only there are lies. It’s easy… in [...]

Are You Struggling?

Do You Feel that Your Prayers are Going Unanswered? Do you struggle with Self-Doubt? Fear? Anxiety? Do you pray and still your prayers feel as though they never go anywhere? We’ve been there too… [...]

Is Marital Fidelity Possible?

Many people ask this question, especially when there is hurt and hard times in marriage, “Is marital fidelity possible?” Fidelity is defined as, ‘faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, [...]

What is a Religious Spirit?

A religious spirit is a type of demonic spirit that influences a person, or group of people, to replace a genuine relationship with God with works and traditions. When people operate out of a [...]

President Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital During 70th Anniversary Year

As we move further into the year 5778/2018, current events are aligning with biblical prophecy. It is no coincidence President Trump has decreed that the United States Embassy be moved to [...]

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