“HANUKKAH—A Festival of LIGHT to the World!”

Hanukkah, which means, “dedication, consecration, or inauguration” in Hebrew, is also known as the “Feast of Dedication,” or the “Festival of Lights.” It is celebrated in Jewish communities [...]

Give Thanks

Famous singer songwriter duo, Don Moen and Paul Wilbur, wrote a beautiful and meditative song years ago titled, “Give Thanks.” It is a simple cord progression, and the lyrics are easy to [...]

Pain is Temporary… but Quitting is Permanent! (Part 1)

I’ve been sharing with our congregation that we are going through a time of testing, as God is allowing tests in our lives in this season so that we might be perfected in Him to answer our call. [...]

Stewardship of Time and Money: Part 2

Understanding How God Speaks… As an early Believer, I spent a lot of time in the Old Testament. I’m criticized for this, but the reason being is that I wanted to understand how God spoke through [...]