We Have a Generous God

As God’s children, believing for necessities like food, clothing and shelter is usually easy. Even more so if we have jobs, savings accounts, and other physical safeguards. But as children of the Most High have we grown complacent? Do we somehow believe it is harder for God to provide what we need to start things like businesses and charities or to afford a college education or a new home than it is for Him to provide us with a week’s worth of food? 

God is generous. He provides and gives without lack. And His providing the provision necessary to answer our call is no harder for Him than providing for our daily needs! But why do we doubt this? Why do we so often worry over basic necessities when God promises not only to take care of those, but to bless us abundantly?!

Join us as we discover the importance of overcoming doubt and believing that we have a generous, powerful, and loving God!

Are We Limiting God?

“Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm has already been lavished upon us as a love gift from our wonderful heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus—all because he sees us wrapped into Christ. This is why we celebrate him with all our hearts!”

—Ephesians 1:3 (TPT)

Our God is generous, providing us with both spiritual and physical blessings. But why do we fail to live with an expectation of His goodness and generosity? Why do we lack in spiritual and physical realms? And why does this need to change?

The generosity of God can be seen in many, many areas of our lives. From our very salvation—not earned but given by the abundant grace of God. To our health. To our connection with the Holy Spirit. All the way down to our possessions and finances. Our God is a giving, generous God to ALL His creation, but to His children this is amplified!

Yes, a child on earth—in ideal circumstances—should be able to expect everything from food and clothes to education and love. But a child of God can expect not only these things, but more!

From those things we need for survival, to the provision for our call, to abundance for everything from tithes and offerings to even many things we want, God’s children can expect the blessings of being a King’s kid…

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

—James 1:17 (NIV)

“For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, 

‘You are God’s beloved child!’

“And since we are his true children, we qualify to share all his treasures, for indeed, we are heirs of God himself. And since we are joined to Christ, we also inherit all that he is and all that he has. We will experience being co-glorified with him provided that we accept his sufferings as our own.”

—Romans 8:16-17 (TPT)
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However, not every Believer possesses what they need, let alone what they want… So is the Word of God, or God Himself, a liar? No, of course not! God is more than able to give us what we need and more! 

And while even Godly men, such as Job, faced periods of lack so that they and others might seek God and ready the fields of their hearts for future prosperity, God does not desire us to be a people of lack. He wants more for His children! So while there may be seasons where we experience pruning—like Joseph as a slave in Potiphar’s house or in prison, or Job seemingly losing everything—they are just that, seasons… seasons that align us for the higher level of abundance, prosperity, and His light!

But things can get in the way of this abundance… doubt, fear, complacency, uncertainty, hate, unforgiveness, bitterness, orphan spirits, poverty spirits… the list goes on. Yet, God created us to be more than conquerors! He stands ready to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think… but we have a free will. We can allow walls to build up and block blessings and abundance… we can choose to remain where we are and not grow. We can even choose to believe for and expect less than God wants to provide us.

Choosing to expect “less than” does not happen overnight. What we have been falsely taught, disappointments we have allowed to stay in our hearts, words spoken over us by ourselves or others… these and others can play a part to try to breed fear or even alter our view of everything from God to ourselves! It is as if each of these moments pricks our soul or heart, the single prick of one barely being noticeable, but the prick of hundreds opening up gaping wounds, highly painful and able to make themselves known in every situation. Because even when what we are going through is not related to a wound, the shifting causes the pain to rise, distorting situations, our vision, words, and more!

God’s Word says that out of the heart the mouth speaks. Further, it says that life and death are in the tongue. That what we say has power, for good or evil, because of the blessing God gave by creating us with the power of speech—in His image, for it is His speech that caused all of creation to exist. 

We can speak life into our lives, or death. And we can do the same in other people’s lives… even in businesses, churches, and beyond! These words springing out of the expectations of our hearts, no matter if they are true or false. Meaning that when we speak negative things chances are that deep down inside, we believe them… 

So when we say that we are poor. Or speak out that we cannot do something. We are speaking out of our expectations, and those expectations are prophesying death into our lives! But it does not have to be this way, we can speak and walk in the expectation of life!

Expecting the Goodness and Generosity of God

When we understand who God is AND who we are—children of the Most High God and king priests according to the order of Melchizedek—we expect different things than when we have false identities or a false view of our God.

Someone who believes in God but views Him as an angry, cruel God waiting to strike them down will expect different things than someone who knows the love and kindness of God. The person who has the false view of God will expect little that is good and be satisfied with whatever comes because why would God do more. But the person who knows the love and kindness of God will expect something else. They will expect correction with love, not condemnation. They will expect blessings and good things wherever they go. 

Essentially, the person with the false view of God would believe that a snake of the enemy was the bread God gave them. While the other would see the snake for what it was, cast it away, and accept the good bread God had prepared for them. 

 “Do you know of any parent who would give his hungry child, who asked for food, a plate of rocks instead? Or when asked for a piece of fish, what parent would offer his child a snake instead? If you, imperfect as you are, know how to lovingly take care of your children and give them what’s best, how much more ready is your heavenly Father to give wonderful gifts to those who ask him?”

—Matthew 7:9-11 (TPT)
Hand holding a piece of paper that says I am a child of God in front of a pink peony.

As children of a loving God, we should expect what His children are meant to receive. However, despite many of us “knowing” that we are children of God, we do not always KNOW it. We do not always expect the inheritance of children, but instead the inheritance of a servant or even a slave! Yes, a servant, even a slave, will receive food, clothes, shelter, and other necessities, but they are not usually set to inherit from the Master. Or if they are, it is a small amount.

Children are in line for inheritance and blessings! They receive the things a servant or slave does, but better. They receive BEYOND necessities and are given gifts, tools, and even wants. Children of God do NOT lack!

Just as a child of one on earth may be provided with additional blessings—like the tools to learn an instrument or the education to become more than they are—as children of God, these things and more are provided to us!

When God puts something on our hearts… when He calls us… He will provide for it spiritually and physically! But we have to be walking in expectancy! We have to trust Him enough to say yes, even when we do not see the way forward—be it due to finances, current deficiency in skills, time, or anything else. 

We need to learn to walk in expectation. In everything from being treated well in relationships, to taking hold of the health and financial prosperity we need to answer our call…

We need to remember Ephesians 3:20 and Jeremiah 29:11 because we have a generous God who wants to bless us! And we do not always speak, think, or expect big enough…

But by doing the small thing. Expecting His goodness. Saying yes even when we fail to see the provision. He is ready and able to do the big thing! 

We have a generous God!

“But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.”

—Psalm 92:10