Seek First the Kingdom and Finish the Year Well

When you seek first the Kingdom of God, you will finish the year well. And if you finish the year well, you are positioned for…

●        Breakthroughs

●        Success

●        Growth

●        Greatness

…in the year ahead.

The Enemy Is Trying to Steal Your Victory

Here’s the problem many of us are facing at this hour: We feel worn out and can’t see past our trials. We want a break and to find our footing. The enemy is at work trying to steal our victories.  

What’s his tactic?

He uses distractions to get us to be undisciplined in biblical principles and unbelieving in God’s Word. He wants us to slip back into old patterns of thinking and behaving, using the same unfruitful strategy we operated out of in our past so we won’t move into the new levels of greatness with God in the next season.

But hear me on this: The same strategy you operated out of last season won’t work in the coming year. God is moving the Body of Christ into higher levels of authority and position. He is looking for individuals in the Body to promote and pioneer this movement!

What is God’s purpose in this new strategy? To multiply our efforts to go and make disciples.

To move with the Spirit, we will have to seek the Kingdom first, remember our covenant relationship, and walk in the fruit of the Spirit of self-control.

It’s Time for Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is getting more intense as the time of Jesus’ return draws closer. The enemy does not want us free, nor our freedom to be a witness to others of God’s promises. As a child of God, a seed of Abraham, and heir to the promises, you have authority in spiritual warfare.

The key is engaging in spiritual warfare from a position of your identity in Christ—from your covenant relationship with the Creator of the universe. When you know how to war from the position of your covenant relationship, the supernatural power of God will equip and empower you to be more than a conqueror and make disciples.

“More than”—this means to not just finish, but finish at higher levels and with excellence, so your testimony tells others about the covenant love of the Father.

Spiritual battles in this coming year will be won by…

●        Breaking off generational curses

●        Allowing the Spirit to heal emotional wounds

●        Speaking and declaring God’s promises over yourself, friends, and family

●        Aligning your finances so you can accomplish the daily assignments God has for you

A hiker walking over a log, symbolism for “Seek first the kingdom.”

Where We Are Headed in the Year to Come

We want to help you be positioned to move from good to great. God wants to multiply His power in you so you can walk in the Spirit and equip others to do the same. This is where we are going in the coming weeks and months of the new year…

Apply Matthew 6:33, seek first the Kingdom of God. Oppressive spirits are attacking your mind, will, and emotions. Seeking first the Kingdom, repent and renounce these oppressive spirits that nag at you to operate out of the flesh, and instead, operate out of the Spirit. Operating out of the Spirit makes way for the peace of God to fill you.

Change your strategy to Matthew 28:18-19. You must know that you have the authority of God to move forward. Jesus said, Go therefore and make disciples.” It is time to go. It is time to move. Don’t stay and do the same thing as last year and expect a breakthrough result. Exercise the authority God has given you to get free and tell others about the power of God so they too will understand the magnificence of a covenant relationship with the Creator.

Be transformed as you remember Romans 8:37-39. Remember you can do all things through Christ and can do nothing apart from Him. You are more than a conqueror and no oppressive spirit or principality of darkness can separate you from the Father’s love.

Throughout the year, at the Feasts of the Lord, accept the invitation to come to the Father’s table and receive the peace, hope, victories, and purpose He is pouring into the laps of His beloved children. These appointed times help keep you aligned with God.

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Align Your Habits and Patterns

To receive all He has for you in the coming season, there must be a realignment of your habits and patterns. He invites you to evaluate those with Him, and explore what is working and what is not. He is not condemning you, He is teaching you so you move into higher levels with Him.

When you surrender all, you receive above and beyond and will be completely filled. Ask Him to align your thoughts with His, speak His Word, rest in His righteousness, and sow seeds into His Kingdom.

There are two things most of us struggle to align with God’s promises…

●        Our words

●        Our finances

When these two things are aligned with the Kingdom, doors are opened, and everything begins to flow. Be positioned for victories in the year ahead by ending this year aligned.

Speak God’s covenant promise and sow a covenant seed

Surrendering your mind, will, emotions, time, tasks, and talents to the Lord positions you to live empowered.

Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.” Are you ready to move from great to good? You can’t receive blessings if your hands are closed and your arms are crossed. Make room for what God is about to pour out by seeking His Kingdom and His face. Greet others with open arms and be prepared for the double-portion to come so you can “go and make disciples.”