Life-Saving Knife Proof Vests Help Protect Female Soldiers

Life-Saving Knife Proof Vests Help Protect Female Soldiers

A recent wave of violence has struck Israel, inciting attacks against IDF soldiers and unarmed Jewish civilians. Video games that depict brutal murders of the innocent are inspiring enemies of Israel to gun down Orthodox Jews in the streets. Instructional videos on best knife stabbing techniques and animations illustrating the slaughknife attacks in israelter of innocent Jewish families have also been released within the Palestinian community.

USA Today reports that knife attacks are becoming more prevalent. Palestinian boys have been found armed with kitchen knives, screwdrivers, and even vegetable peelers, in hopes to attack soldiers and civilians at random. Occurrences like these are difficult to track, as these young men have not been associated with any known terrorist group—making them difficult to apprehend before people have been seriously injured or killed.

Because of this, there is much unrest in the Jewish community as many fear for their lives. Although some would assume this is “business as usual” in a land of such upheaval, random attacks such as these are especially dangerous. While Israel continues to make outstanding technological advancements in their security systems, it is ALWAYS deeply unsettling when something like this slips beneath the radar—leaving many feeling vulnerable and unprotected.

That is why, when we at Curt Landry Ministries were recently asked to provide 50 knife proof vests to female soldiers in Jerusalem, we humbly accepted. These 50 “lead” soldiers take groups of soldiers throughout Jerusalem on a daily basis, teaching them about the city, and its history. It is an honor knowing that their lives might be spared with just a simple safety precaution such as this.

idf soldier with knife proof vestAlthough many soldiers are outfitted with basic gear, they are often responsible to pay for their uniforms, boots, and other needed equipment. If the solider cannot provide these needed supplies, many times, at the risk of their own lives, they go without. Your generous gift could literally save the life of a young IDF soldier!

We would like to offer our Curt Landry partners an opportunity to sow into the lives of these female IDF soldiers. If you, or someone you know, would like to contribute to this important and much needed effort, please click here: I want to give the life saving gift of protection!

No gift is too small! In a time of great unrest, we have a unique opportunity to be a bridge of hope. Will you join us as we continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? Won’t you stand with us as we endeavor to bring life in the midst of chaos and confusion?


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— Curt Landry (@curtlandrymin) October 30, 2015