Bridge to Independence: Helping Israel’s Youth Contribute to Israeli Society

Bridge to Independence: Helping Israel’s Youth Contribute to Israeli SocietyThroughout all of our work in Israel, we have seen some incredibly uplifting stores, and also some incredibly heartbreaking ones. The mission work we have been performing with our Safe Houses in Israel are at the intersection of those two emotions. In these facilities, you’ll find children and teens who come from broken homes and have been abused physically, emotionally and sexually who are now finding a community where they can be safe, be themselves and transform themselves into adults capable of being independent and whole again in the “real world.”

The quality of these Safe Houses is absolutely critical. By the age of 18, Israeli citizens are no

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longer eligible to receive any government support. In many cases, these at-risk youth are essentially kicked out of residential group centers and thrown into the real world without having been given the tools they need to survive and find success and happiness.

The Safe Houses are our opportunity to give these children a safety net where they can take their first steps of independence without having to fear failure. For many of these children, these communities and their staffs are the only support system they’ve ever had in their lives. One network of Safe Houses in Israel has approximately 90 total communities with about 10,000 children. Think about that number—it’s a small town’s worth of children in need of financial and emotional support. Without that support, these children are seemingly destined to live a life of poverty, homelessness, crime and drug abuse. Yet we have seen so many success stories come out of these homes. Children who go to college, find jobs and end up giving back to these communities themselves. Children who escape backgrounds of abuse and start loving families of their own some day. We cannot understate the importance of these Safe Houses, and that is why we need your help. There is no gift that is too small to help us support them. For more information about these Safe Houses and how you can help, contact us today at Curt Landry Ministries.