Understand the Blessings of Passover 2024/5784

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The death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection three days later form the foundation of the Christian faith. Without the blood that was shed for our sinful nature and the promise of everlasting life, a Believer’s faith has no merit.

Many Believers don’t understand the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice as it relates to the Feast of Passover. They miss out on blessings and revelation that the Lord wants to release in our lives.

The year 5784 is the year of Open Doors— many will find themselves discovering new paths and relationships; it is a year of open opportunity. Download this guide to learn how to unlock your spiritual blessings!

Unlock the Blessings of Passover

Is the Passover still relevant today?

What is the Passover Seder

How does it point to Jesus the Messiah?

What are the blessings of Passover?

Blessings of Passover

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