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To meet your spiritual, relational, physical, and emotional goals, you need a plan. You need biblical principles and to reset your clock to the Lord’s!

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While you have been made new in Jesus Christ who atoned for all of your imperfections, you are still a human being for as long as you live on the earth. You are covered in God’s endless, unconditional grace and mercy, but… You still make mistakes. You mess things up. You are still maturing as a Believer day-by-day. That’s why it’s so important for every Believer to explore the important theme of spiritual growth that we find throughout the Bible. For example, Psalm 139:23-24 reads: “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns. See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way.” As Believers, we are constantly being called to become more Christ-like in our thoughts, hearts, minds, and actions. The only way to continue in this process of sanctification is to first identify and acknowledge the areas in which we are weakest. Only then can we deepen our relationship with our Savior and allow Him to shape us more after His own heart. But before you remind yourself of all your weak spots and start beating yourself up, you need to understand ONE THING:

You Are a New Creation… and Nothing Can Separate You from God’s Love!

As you start to think about the areas of your life God desires to help you grow in, it is important that you first understand that spiritual growth has absolutely nothing to do with:

  • Your salvation in Christ…
  • How much God loves you…
  • How long you’ve been a Believer…
  • How much you know about the Bible…
  • Or how many religious activities you’re involved in…

The truth is, from the moment you accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you were made right with God. He loves you unconditionally, and just because you struggle with areas of spiritual weakness does not mean you are any less of a Believer or any less cherished by your Heavenly Father. What this does mean is that because you accepted Yeshua, Jesus, you have been called to grow in your faith and become more like Him until the day you leave this world or see Messiah’s return. This is not some mystical or emotional process that happens overnight. There is no secret formula to the spiritual growth your heart desires. The key to continuing this lifelong process of growth starts simply with you answering this question:

Just as God has blessed you with specific Godly characteristics and gifts you are strong in, there are other areas of your spiritual life that you would like to improve in. Maybe you wish you were more hospitable to others… Maybe you struggle to give thanks and be grateful for all your blessings… Maybe you feel like you lose your patience too easily… Whatever area you feel weakest in, that is where God wants to grow you and make you more like Him. Through His power, God can use every part of you to glorify His name, even your weaknesses. And the first step in starting that process of spiritual growth and allowing God to strengthen you is to simply confess your greatest area of weakness!

Today, We Want to Help You Turn Your Weakness into a Strength!

Instead of you beating yourself up over your weaknesses, God wants to build you up today. We know that as Believers, God has called us to grow in His grace so that we might bring Him all the glory. That’s why we’d like to invite you to share with us your greatest area of weakness so that we can provide you with specific scriptural references and Biblical wisdom that will help you improve in whatever area you struggle with. Our desire is to help you turn those weaknesses into strengths by inspiring and empowering you with Biblical truth and agreeing with you that God will move in that specific area.

After Sharing Your Area of Need with Us, You’ll Receive:

  • A series of emails that provide scriptural references based on your specific response
  • Biblical wisdom and resources that minister to your area of need
  • Streaming LIVE video services that encourage and inspire you
  • Audio and video messages that offer more insight into your weakness
  • Virtual Bible study and small group opportunities to join with others who struggle in the same areas as you
  • And more… all tailored to the area you want to grow in!

The chief end of all of the universe is to bring glory to God and enjoy Him forever. By helping you explore and understand your weakest Godly characteristic, we hope to ignite Christ-like changes in your heart, mind, thoughts, and actions as you continue to allow our Lord and Savior to use every part of you to bring Him glory. God has great plans for you beyond anything you could ever imagine! All you have to do to allow God to turn even your greatest weakness into a strength and experience the growth your heart desires is take the first step and answer our simple, one-question survey. Once you share your specific area of need, you will receive a series of emails that provide scriptural references based on your response. Again, we thank you for sharing your heart with us, and we look forward to helping you continuously build up your spiritual life so that you can glorify God and enjoy His rich blessings!

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