Reclaim Your Inheritance in the Name of Jesus

Understand the Jewish Roots of Your Faith!

Reclaim your Inheritance! Download the Jewish Roots Guide, Now!

Gain Spiritual Blessings, and reclaim your Inheritance!

As you start to explore the Jewish roots of your faith, you learn about your identity in Christ and better understand the will of God.

  • Know your identity in Christ
  • Hear God’s voice and direction
  • Gain a deeper understanding of God’s Kingdom

Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Find your Roots!

Discover a Fresh Perspective on God’s Word! Download the Jewish Roots Guide, Today.

Understand God’s Kingdom

When Yeshua was teaching the disciples to pray, He instructed them to pray, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Pray for His Kingdom to come.

Be Equipped for God’s Purpose

Through the power of the Holy Spirit and connecting to the roots of your faith will prepare you for God’s calling on your life.

Know Your Identity as His Child

Dive deeper into your faith and understand what it means to be in the family with God. Reclaim your inheritance as His child.