The Prophetic Significance to the Biblical Fall Feasts of the Lord!

Each Biblical Fall Feast Has Prophetic Significance!

Discover the Prophetic Message Behind the Biblical Fall Feasts for Us Today

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  • When the biblical Fall Feasts of the Lord take place, and why the dates change from year-to-year
  • The prophetic significance and blessings that each feast holds
  • How they point to the future Kingdom and Christ’s return
  • Symbols and observances associated with each feast
Position your heart at the beginning of the year (Rosh Hashanah–the Jewish New Year), so you can fulfill your purpose throughout the year!

Each Biblical Fall Feast Has Prophetic Significance!

Prophetic Fall Feasts!

Trust in the Father, and better understand the times we are in. The appointed times foreshadow what is to come and give you signs along your journey to receive a word from the Holy Spirit about how to move forward day by day.

The Biblical Fall Feasts 
Have a Prophetic Message for Us Today…