Believer’s Guide to the Tallit

The Tallit is a Place of Connection—a Physical Place, where Heaven Meets Earth.

Download the Believer’s Guide to the Tallit

“I will live in your tent forever and find refuge in the shelter of your wings.” —Psalm 61:4 (CJB)

Prayer. Connection. Worship.

Learn the ancient roots and significance of the Tallit. Learn how, when and why you should use it.

A Little Tent

Anyone who calls on the Name of the One True God can wear a Tallit!

Wearing a tallit during your prayer time is symbolic of creating a “little tent” for which you and the Lord meet. 

The breakthroughs are not because the tallit itself holds a supernatural power; rather, it creates a point of contact for a Believer to seek God intentionally.

Any Believer can use the Tallit to create this connection!

The Meaning

Wear a tallit during your prayer time, creating a place for you and the Lord to tabernacle together.

The Colors

Understand the Key of David and what it means to lay it upon your shoulders.

The Tassels

Go to war in prayer in confidence knowing you are positioned in Yeshua who protects you.