Intercessory Prayer

30 Days of Focused Prayer to Align You with the Word

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Pray in the Spirit, in unity, and receive the breakthroughs you need as God begins to remove what can be shaken out! God is releasing the breaker anointing. Position yourself to receive!

FREE Resource: 10 declarations based on Scripture that help you…

  • Protect your health and wealth
  • Receive spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and strength
  • Develop your spiritual character 
  • Align yourself, your family, your community, and your nation with God

Align You and Your Family with God’s Word. Break Off What Hinders You.

You don’t have to allow people, places, and circumstances to hinder your spiritual authority and development. It is time for 30 days of focused prayer, praying intercessory prayers that align you and your family with God’s Word.


Read His Promises

Decree His Word

Get Aligned