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Welcome to the Strong Roots Alliance — a unique affiliate marketing program designed to offer influencers and content-creators alike an exceptional opportunity to reach new hearts with our message.

By joining the Strong Roots Alliance, you will help expand our reach, advance the Kingdom of God, and unlock Kingdom destinies. As a member of the Strong Roots Alliance, you’ll play a crucial role in spreading our mission and touching lives across the globe.

Current Partnerships & Programs to Support

Explore the impactful initiatives that the Strong Roots Alliance is currently promoting:

Swords of Iron Memorial Grove

Promote the first-ever memorial honoring the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians during the Swords of Iron, or Israel / Hamas war. The lives of the fallen will be engraved on large stones in the grove, which will contain over 2,000 olive trees upon completion. This grove will provide rememberance for generations to come. May their memory be a blessing.

Israeli Safe House

Promote our Safe House program, which provides housing, food, clothing, and other necessities to foster children who have aged-out of government-funded support. This program strengthens Israel’s youth, empowering them to reach adulthood and lead successful lives. Supporting this program shows your heart for the children of Israel.

Stand with Israel

Promote the “Stand with Israel” initiative to provide life-saving supplies to the IDF reserve fighters. Reserve soldiers are often underserved, and do not always receive the same critical gear as primary IDF soldiers. October 7, 2023 was the deadliest single day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Share this program and support the IDF as it stands up to Hamas.

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