7 Helpful Tools to Succeed in Breakthrough to Breakout

Are you ready to move forward into a new season?…

You have experienced a breakthrough to breakout but want to be successful and confident as you walk out your faith and walk in the new revelation you have received. The problem is, you aren’t sure how to move forward in a way that spiritually protects and prospers God’s Word in your life.

Feeling uncertain can make you doubt the breakthrough that God has given you. But you don’t have to doubt the breakthrough and blessings, because the Word says you can access every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ (Ephesians 1:3). We understand the feelings of uncertainty and doubt, which is why we’ve created this list spiritual tools to help you connect with the power of the Lord.

7 Tools to Help You in Your Breakthrough to Breakout

  1. Sermon Notes—Sermon notes can be found under the “WATCH” tab in the navigation bar at curtlandry.com.
    • Click HERE, then click on the word “NOTES” to find sermon notes. Download these notes and use them as a reference during your quiet time.
  2. Prayers—Click on the links below for downloadable prayers and use them during your personal prayer and communion time.
  3. Tallit Prayer Shawl and Anointing Oil—These 2 spiritual tools are used during prayer and worship time. Come under the wings of God’s protection with the prayer shawl, or tallit. And anoint yourself with oil, breaking the yoke of sin in your life.
    • Click HERE to get your tallit prayer shawls
    • Click HERE to get your anointing oil
  4. Kiddush Cup—Use the kiddush cup during the blessing of the Sabbath, holiday meals, and communion.
    1. Click HERE to get your kiddush cup
  5. Shofars—Blast the shofar in spiritual warfare, prayer, appointed times, and worship.
    • Click HERE to get your shofar
  6. Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage—Discover the roots of Christianity and experience a transformation that will forever impact your faith.
    • Click HERE to get your copy of Reclaiming Your Forgotten Heritage
  7. Covenant Partnership—When you commit to becoming a Covenant Partner, God will use you to bless Israel. You are sowing a seed into the teaching and words that you’ve heard and want to see them manifested in your life. According to Genesis 12:3, you too will be blessed as you bless Israel!
    • Click HERE to become a Covenant Partner today.

When you use these tools in prayer, study, worship, and warfare you will be equipped in this next season.

Remember, God is doing a new thing. The old ways of doing things won’t work in the new season. So, get the spiritual tools that will prosper God’s Word, help you walk in confidence, and move you forward in your breakthrough.