• To create a profile and add a picture in the chat room, click on the three horizontal white lines. Then, click on “Log in or Sign Up”. You can then click on “Login with Facebook” or “Login with E-mail”. If using Facebook, just continue through the steps on the pop-up window. If using email to create a profile, make sure to click on “New User? Register Now!”

  • If you’re having issues with the live stream buffering + not running smoothly, click on the video to pause it for 10-30 seconds and then click on the video again to resume playing it. 

  •  Please do a speed test at https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/. You need a internet connection minimum of 2.2kbps to view the stream from your ISP. (ISP=Internet Service Provider)

  • Please join us LIVE at any one of our live streaming locations below.

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