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God is so good, and we have been receiving some tremendous feedback from many who have met with us in prayer. We share just a few of those testimonies with you here…


“Curt Landry Ministries, thank you for praying in agreement with me on Tuesday. I am so excited to share this testimony. I had expressed how I have been in a transition and lost my job in April due to a layoff. After looking for several months I was offered a recent position and accepted… However, it was only a 3 to 5 month contract with lower pay. I also had two more interviews, one with the city locally. Well, on Wednesday the day after you prayed with me, I had the interview with the city, a government position, and the same day they offered the job to me, WITH a salary at the top of the scale. It was overwhelming good news. Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy. He is also bringing restoration and healing to many other areas of my life… new friends and relationships of which we prayed for. With this new job I will be able to pay off some unneeded debts. All of this happened as a result of our praying together. God is so good. Thank you so much!”—Blessings, Trudy


“During my personal prayer time I was profoundly touched by the Holy Spirit for the revelation He gave the Curt Landry Ministries intercessor about how to overcome my situation. I asked the Lord for direction and answers to my questions, and I can testify that He did it through this intercessor. I felt His presence, love and peace towards me. It was a beautiful time in the presence of the Lord. Thank you Curt Landry Ministries for offering prayer to anyone who needs it, and to their intercessors for serving the Lord and showing them compassion and love to me and my family.

“Also I want to share that getting connected to your ministry has been an answer to my prayers as well. About a year ago, I saw your commercial about planting an olive tree in Israel, but I didn’t do it at that time. However I knew I would like to do that eventually. Time passed and for the last six months I have been asking the Lord to show me and teach me His ways more deeply, and came to the conclusion that I need to learn from a congregation that taught from the Jewish roots of the faith, but didn’t know where to go. Also I was asking Him to show me where else to sow seed… and then in April, this year, I went to a women’s retreat with my church, and during a time of prayer with the Pastor of the retreat, he said to me out of the blue…“you know a good ground to sow a seed is planting a tree in Israel,” and he said to search the internet for it, but right there I knew exactly which ministry I needed to go to. I knew that was God letting me know what to do, and where to go, so for our Passover offering to the Lord we planted a tree in Israel thru your ministry. It is such an honor to help Israel!

“Since then I have been getting the PowerPoints teachings, and I have been connecting online on Wednesdays and Fridays. The services are full of God’s revelation and Apostle Curt Landry’s teaching is very personal and easy to understand. I thank you for your ministry and for all you do. God continue blessing you, your family and the congregation.”—Blessings, Margarita

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