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God is so good, and we have been receiving some tremendous feedback from many who have met with us in prayer. We share just a few of those testimonies with you here…

“I’ve been following Curt Landry Ministries for a couple of weeks. I was listening to one of the ministry’s videos, and a man was talking about the [effect of] anointing on his life. He shared how God had blessed others with miracles.

I needed a miracle—I had suffered hearing loss, and both of my ears were 50% damaged. So, I decided to call and make an appointment.

When I called, a prayer team member asked me what I needed. I told her I needed the Lord to heal my ears and explained how they became damaged. She started praying with me, and within five minutes I knew the Lord had healed me.

I was so excited. We kept praying in the Spirit, and I came into agreement with her. I said to her when we finished that the Lord confirmed to me I was healed!

During my personal prayer time, the prayer pastor made a statement asking the Lord to forgive the person who caused this. This prompted me while I was in my kitchen to forgive, and I did. I had such a powerful experience through this anointed ministry.

The ministry is so transparent, so real, and so full of God’s love and compassion. Since I’ve been following Curt Landry Ministries, my life has taken a turnaround. I thank the Lord God Almighty for what He has done. But I also thank this ministry for their compassion toward God’s people.

If you need a miracle, call them. They are kind, loving, and understanding. The ministry says they are building bridges, restoring God’s people, doing and being what God called them to. I’m a witness to this statement—it’s happening!

For the first time in 40 years, I’m listening to TV at a normal tone. Amazing!! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Curt Landry Ministries!”—Barbara

“For years my kids and I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and fearfulness. Actually, both of my parents suffered from depression and anxiety. It seems to be in my family’s bloodline. I have spent so much time writing down Bible verses to conquer my fear and worry, but it always just seemed to be there.

I guess it was really out of desperation that I reached out to have someone from the personal prayer ministry pray with me. The person who prayed with me also explained the Courts of Heaven and repentance for my sins, my parent’s sins, and anyone in my bloodline who may have not even known they had to repent.

Anyway, without going into all the details, I do have to say that while this person was praying for me, I felt a release of my fears, worries, anxieties, and depression. The prayer intercessor addressed every issue that needed to be addressed and pinpointed many areas I hadn’t thought about that needed to be repented and set free.

The Holy Spirit really revealed many areas where I was not trusting God, or where I was allowing the enemy to win… I was just amazed at how free I felt even while the intercessor was praying with me.

While I was writing this testimony, my daughter texted me about a health concern she had. Normally that would send me into a state of fearfulness, but instead, I just said a prayer to God and I was able to answer her calmly without fear or anxiety.

I just thank God because I know He has delivered my family and me! I am so grateful for this ministry that they reach out to people who are in need, and through the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, they help people like me have a real breakthrough.”—Karen

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Due to our increasingly high volume of requests, unfortunately we are unable to set up prayer appointments by phone or email.

Instead, we would ask that you expedite your request through this safe and user friendly automated online appointment system. Please feel free to check our calendar here for available time slots. If a time slot is unavailable, please check back regularly for openings.

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, please let us know in advance so we can open that time slot to others. For cancelations, please use the link provided in the email appointment reminder that you receive after you have scheduled your appointment.

We would love to come in agreement with you for your breakthrough!

Please note if you are needing continued prayer/counseling we encourage you to contact a local pastor or Christian counselor. 

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