Support the IDF at This Critical Time!

Israel is under attack. The spirit of anti-Semitism is on the rise, causing confusion and chaos in Israel. IDF soldiers are the ones placed on the walls to be the watchmen (Isaiah 62:6), constantly on duty to protect Zion. Without the IDF, where would God’s land and people be? It is time for those who love Israel to act according to God’s Word. It is time to support the IDF.

Support the IDF | Be a Hero’s Hero | Activate God’s Word

We understand the hurt, pain, and conflict taking place in Israel today. We get regular updates from our staff and partners there. Fortunately, because of those who stand with us and regularly support the IDF, strong trust, partnerships, and friendships have been built. As a result, we have been able to directly bless and support the IDF.


Programs That Support the IDF

We have 3 main programs designed to support the IDF…

General Support and Basic Needs

This program supports the IDF by giving individuals and families hope.

Our staff regularly delivers boxes filled with various items such as food, hygiene and personal care products, batteries, flashlights, books, and more week after week and month after month. 

Who do these boxes go to?

  • Boxes are delivered to IDF soldiers’ families. Many of the soldiers in the IDF were the primary breadwinner for their family before entering the IDF. Some came from single-parent homes, whereas others had one or both parents who were unable to work for various reasons. Therefore, they took on a role that provided for the family.
Rabbi Curt Landry with a group of IDF soldiers in Israel.

However, due to IDF enlistment being a requirement, they are unable to provide for their family in the same way while on active duty.

We fill in the gap for these lone soldiers by providing what they need.

The boxes remind them of your loving heart. The Lone Soldiers tell us that they are overwhelmed by the generosity of YOU, our donors. They are filled with hope knowing what they do matters and those around the world stand with them.


Safe Haven in Beit She’an

This program is designed to give soldiers a home away from home and a place to de-stress, relax, and renew their minds and bodies while on leave.

The Safe Haven is located in Beit She’an, which is in northern Israel.

Who stays at the Safe Haven?

  • Lone Soldiers in northern Israel stay at the Safe Haven. The Lone Soldiers who are positioned in the northern part of Israel, specifically near Beit She’an, are under high restrictions and cannot travel to the more populated areas farther south. Therefore, when they are on leave, they have nowhere to go.

Without a place of refuge like the one we support, these soldiers stay on base and do not get a much-needed physical, emotional, or mental break.

The Safe Haven offers them a place to fellowship, enjoy meals, build a community with other soldiers, sleep peacefully, shower, do laundry, and simply rest.

IDF Apartment in Beit She'an

With the current situation in Israel, many of these soldiers are on standby and cannot travel more than short distances. The Safe Haven fills in the gap that these well-deserving soldiers need in this time of uncertainty.


Adopt an IDF Battalion

This program allows those who love Israel to support the IDF in a unique and community-focused way.

When you take part in the Adopt an IDF Battalion program, you are boosting soldiers’ morale and directly sowing into Eitam Battalion 611. This unit is specifically trained to keep Israel safe from air attacks and provide cover fire for IDF ground forces.

What support is given to Eitam Battalion 611?

  • Support such as financial relief, meals, special gifts, and awards for service is given to Eitam Battalion 611. Through our partnership with Friends of the IDF (FIDF), you can provide Eitam Battalion 611 with the physical and emotional support they need to fulfill their military mission.
IDF soldier with camouflage face paint smiling with fellow soldiers in front of a blowing Israeli flag

Your donation gives these soldiers opportunities to honor and observe the Feasts of the Lord and other holidays throughout the year. It allows them to enjoy, rest, build community on their well-deserved days off, and so much more.

Eitam Battalion 611 is critical to the safety and security of Israel. These soldiers are trained to destroy enemy targets, pinpoint the location of hostile missiles, and sound warnings for citizens to take cover when rockets are launched.

Given the high demand for their emotional, mental, and physical energy, support is much needed to keep them fully equipped during this time. You can take part in this unique project, developing a strong connection with a group of soldiers whose mission matters now more than ever.


Here’s How to Support the IDF…

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Step 1: Select Your Program

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Step 2: Choose an Amount

  • Fill in the amount you want to donate or choose an option from the drop-down menu on the specific product page. 
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Step 3: Make Your Donation

  • Know you are fulfilling your Kingdom assignment and helping the IDF to fulfill theirs.

Support the IDF and Be a Hero’s Hero

Donating to these programs gives you the opportunity to support the IDF, be their first responder, and become a hero’s hero.

Your donation creates a unique partnership and bond with those the Lord has placed on the walls to protect the Promised Land. It also creates fellowship, as your support gives additional opportunities for these soldiers to join together during the Feasts of the Lord and Shabbat throughout the year.

The Word says…

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

—Isaiah 62:6-7

The Lord loves and rejoices over Zion. He protects them. He places watchmen on the walls.

These watchmen are both the IDF, those who physically protect the Promised Land, and you. You are a prayer warrior. You are part of the Remnant Army. You support the IDF so they can physically protect God’s land and people. You are fulfilling God’s Word.

The Lord does not rest regarding Zion, and neither will we. He does not want us to keep silent, but to continuously lift up our prayers, love, and support for Israel knowing and trusting His deliverance is soon to come.