This is the ultimate way to Stand Strong with Israel! At Curt Landry Ministries, there is no higher calling than to help support the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

 The IDF NEEDS YOUR HELP…  Together we will provide for their needs, so that when they are away from their homes and families defending the nation of Israel, they can rest assured that their loved ones are properly taken care of.

Supporting these young men and women who bravely step forward to protect their country is a tremendous privilege and honor that we don’t take lightly.

 TODAY, THEY NEED YOUR HELP to continue to provide much needed food boxes for the families in need who so desperately depend upon the steady income from these soldiers. When they serve, many times their monthly income is severely cut, causing families to not only sacrifice on a personal level because their loved ones are away, but also on a financial level.

God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”—Hebrews 6:10

Because of this, we have been asked by the City of Jerusalem, in coordination with the IDF, to provide monthly food boxes for these soldiers and their families in need.

IDF Food Box Program background

IDF-Families-Need-SupportAmid rising tensions in the Middle East, tens of thousand of IDF soldiers, both enlisted and reserve from all branches of the military, are ready to deploy at a moments notice. When this happens they not only sacrifice their time away from home, but also many times, their resources. Because of this, many brave young Israeli soldiers need our support.

The City of Jerusalem along with the IDF, have reached out to Curt Landry Ministries for assistance. IDF Commanders have told us stories of many soldiers who have dire situations at home concerning finances while they are serving in the military. These families, many times with young children, are oftentimes left with the unfortunate decision to pay for housing expenses, over placing food on the table. Although they may receive some financial aid from the Israeli government, many find themselves in positions where there is no money left to purchase groceries… so when the soldier comes home for the weekend, the families don’t have enough food in the pantry.

Our program is an amazing way to help these families. We provide food boxes containing things like, pasta, rice, sauces, canned meats, vegetables, flour, sugar, coffee, oil, etc.—many of the essentials that these families cannot afford to purchase. Our boxes are valued at over $125 (450 NIS) each. And to make our dollars stretch even further, Curt Landry Ministries purchases these staples from a local grocer who has agreed to help provide these groceries for a discounted amount, allowing us to help even more families in need.

Blessing the Lone Soldiers, too!

 We have recently extended our food box program to a NEW level, as we discovered a need with the lone soldiers who have no family to go home to for fellowship and a homemade Shabbat meal.

These combat soldiers, who otherwise would not come home to a family or a nice home-cooked meal, now have the opportunity to have enough groceries and to come together with other lone soldiers and prepare a nice meal to celebrate Shabbat. The City of Jerusalem has graciously provided the kitchen and dining area, and Curt Landry Ministries provides the food necessary to prepare the meal!

What a unique and exciting partnership that God has put together with the City of Jerusalem and the Israeli Defense Forces!


Your Support is Needed…

Today, we support over 40 IDF soldiers and their families living in the City of Jerusalem area with monthly food boxes, but there are many more who need our support.

OUR GOAL is to provide monthly food boxes to all soldiers with a need who live within the Jerusalem area, and to also extend our lone soldier Shabbat meal program to accommodate many more.


Sow a Seed into good soil—into the IDF…

Curt Landry Ministries has worked hard over the years to forge a viable, working relationship with both the City of Jerusalem and the Israeli Defense Forces by providing and distributing these food boxes—and we are now deeply rooted in a strong relationship with both.

The brave soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces serve God by protecting His people and the land. These young warriors personify what it means to be the Lord’s arm of “our strength and our shield”—never resting from ensuring the safety and Israel’s people and borders.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; Therefore, my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him.”—Psalm 28:7

 Make a difference and bless our IDF Soldiers, their Families, and the Nation of Israel! Support these brave young men and women of the IDF and tell them you care. 

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