Safe House

Israel… the land of God’s promise – a place of stunning landscapes, thriving cities, and tranquil beauty… the most desired travel destination for Christians around the world.

However, underneath the surface, people in this beautiful land face a challenge of historic proportion.

Families are being torn apart from the inside out.

One third of all Israeli families live below the poverty line and are faced with the distress of unemployment, lack of money, and lack of food.

Safe House

Families are being torn apart from the inside out.

Sharing the resources God has given you will open the doors of heaven and allow His blessing to pour into your life.

These factors, and more, take their toll on households that are filled with frustration, turmoil, and anger.

As a result thousands of children in Israel are abused or neglected and cannot live safely at home.

In response to this problem, concerned Israelis have created Safe Houses – where children have a safe place to live and sleep – and where they can find a positive family environment.

These children need your help

Your gift of $150 to Curt Landry Ministries will help sustain the care of over 6500 abused and neglected children living in Safe Houses throughout Israel.

Remember as you bless Israel, God will bless you!

Sow your gift of $150, we will send you the gifts below.

  • A bottle of The King’s Oil – biblical anointing oil formulated according to Exodus 30
  • A beautiful tallit – made in Israel and anointed and prayed over personally by Curt.
Curt Landry Ministries Safe House

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