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Why should I sow MONTHLY instead of a one-time donation?

We need people like you to stand with us. I need to know, as a leader, that as I stand before abandoned children, Holocaust Survivors, and Lone Soldiers and their families… that you are standing with me!


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Through your loving Covenant Partnership, you will consistently work toward mending relationships and bringing hope to hurting people.

Our Covenant Partners are more than just friends, we share in the same vision, the same calling to faithfully support and stand by God’s first love through prayer and meeting people where they are through humanitarian aid, and have the same desire to be a part of fulfilling biblical prophecy. What a way to demonstrate the love of Christ!

As a Covenant Partner with us, you are demonstrating your commitment to build a bridge of unity between the Church and Israel.

We understand that the Church was founded by Jewish Believers in Messiah, and that just like Jesus, they had a unique understanding of the long-lasting covenant that God ordained with the nation of Israel. Your desire to release God’s fullness throughout the earth and see His covenant restored with His people is part of biblical prophecy.

From the time that I made the decision to bless Israel, my life, and the lives of those who have partnered with us have been blessed more abundantly than we could ever have asked or thought. It has been truly amazing!

Yes, but I’ve sown into other ministries that ‘partnered with Israel.’ How is your ministry different?

Through your faithful MONTHLY giving, your generous gift helps support much needed humanitarian aid projects throughout the nation of Israel. Here are some of the ways that the financial support of COVENANT PARTNERS impact this nation…

• Providing food and shelter for the needy, taking part in various feeding programs and providing protection through restoration of community centers.

• Providing care, honor and respect for Holocaust Survivors.

• Fully sponsoring Safe Houses in Jerusalem that care for young adults in need.

• Funding the Beit She’an After School Music Program for disadvantaged youth.

• Meeting the needs of the underprivileged in Israel by special request including things like school supplies, heaters, air conditioners and knife proof vests.

• Being a voice of truth for Israel—a vessel of communication and education to the nations.

Our unique partnership with the City of Jerusalem and with the Israeli Defense Forces is like none other. Because of our strong ties with key figures and dignitaries we have been able to make a LASTING difference in the lives of so many living within the nation of Israel.
As a thank you for making your initial commitment and becoming a Covenant Partner with us, we want to bless you with a beautiful anointed blue tallit.
The tallit, used during personal devotion time and prayer, is a symbol of remembrance that under His wings you find refuge:

“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”—Psalm 91:4

Yeshua wore tassels on His garment, and with a tallit, you can have a piece of that same spiritual heritage in your own home and as part of your spiritual life.
This precious gift will be shipped directly to you following your second month’s contribution.

Your MONTHLY pledge supports Israel’s people, land, environment, and economy. When you answer this call, you will be taking part in a mission that stands by Israel as a bridge of truth… united in Jesus Christ—Yeshua the Messiah!

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