New Year—New Beginnings

Christie and I are so blessed to know that we have been called to walk together with you into a new season in 5779.

We believe that YOUR new biblical year is going to be a year of great awakening, great possibilities, and great reconstruction—a realigning with God’s purposes. When we are living in alignment with God’s ways, we are positioned to overcome great challenges.

Are you facing challenges?

It has been our experience that when we are on the verge of great possibilities, great challenges begin to vie for our attention.

Family issues. Financial trouble. Health battles.

All these things crop up as if to challenge the great promises of God in our lives. Now more than ever, we feel led to let you know that we are standing with you and your family; and we are committed to your success as we walk into 5779.

You are not walking into this new year alone. Our ministry is committed to providing you with cutting-edge, practical teaching as well as prophetic instruction for your new season—a season of great open doors and opportunities. Christie and I are honored to be your guides as we make our way into the promises and destiny that God has for all of us.

Sukkot 5779 is part of that destiny. Don’t miss it! September 23, 2018 is verysignificant.

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The number 2 represents a union of peace.

The number 3 symbolizes the principle of increase, growth, expansion, abundance, and the power of a three-stranded-cord.

The number 9 represents justice or judgment for the righteous and 18 a double portion of this.

Sukkot is a time when God Himself calls us to His table. He calls us to dwell with Him in peace. He calls us to joy in His abundance. He calls us to rest as His righteous judgment brings restoration.

Sukkot is an 8-day harvest festival where we tabernacle with our families and with our Father at His table. He pours out His gifts upon us, and we in turn bring a gift into the Kingdom. A seed of thanks, faith, and dedication.

Sow your seed of THANKS!

In biblical times the Jewish world would pause, and many would journey to Jerusalem to bring one of their three annual offerings to God at the Temple. This act of obedience made a statement that God alone is provider; it seeded the new year in hope, faith, and obedience.

You see, Sukkot is all about faith. It is about dwelling in temporary structures where we must trust God for His provision in the midst of every outside challenge. It is about putting time with family and God first—focusing our minds and spirits and realigning. Our time and financial gifts are statements that we are entering the new year as worshipers.

It is a statement that we are putting family issues, financial trouble, and health challenges on the altar and aligning our faith and actions with God’s Word and His invitation to join Him at His table.

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This year as you sow your Sukkot offering I want to encourage you to name your seed and give intentionally—expecting a return. Name it what you want it to be. Not what you need to overcome—but the outcome you desire. Name it “Love.” Name it “Financial Freedom.” Name it “Good Health!”

Sow the harvest you wish to reap!





Curt and Christie Landry

Founders, Curt Landry Ministries



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