Rebuilding Your Life

A Message by Curt Landry

This message comes in this season with a fresh anointing of surrender, as Curt Landry focuses in on the message of Nehemiah—the Rebuilding of the Walls—the rebuilding of your life. This teaching is practical, with purposeful key principles for rebuilding and developing your life for the Kingdom of God.

Curt moves through the book of Nehemiah and brings out clear key principles for the listener to use and rejoice in—that our God is about the business of rebuilding lives!

Rebuild YOUR Life!

Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our Godwillfight for us. ─Nehemiah 4.20

As you listen to these keys unfold, you will be encouraged and strengthened in the rebuilding of your life’s ‘broken down walls.’

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In this month’s prophetic Message of the Month you will learn:

• How your heart motivation can be aligned with the Lord’s plan

• To receive your vision from the Lord

• How to cancel wrong words that come against you


Seek His Kingdom first, and He will reveal His purposes to your heart.  

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