Host a Seder at your home for your family and friends while you’re following along with us via LIVE stream!

Join us LIVE online Friday, March 30th, at 7:45 p.m. CT

Here is what you will need…

• Matzah (Unleavened bread)

• Maror – Horseradish (One teaspoon per person is ample)

• Charoset – A mixture of apple, nuts, wine and cinnamon . . or chunky applesauce will do. (We make enough for a heaping tablespoon per person)

• Karpas – Parsley (Just enough for everyone to have a sprig)

• Salt Water (Enough for people to dip their parsley into)

• Grape Juice or Wine (Enough for each person to have 4 sips—you will also need 4 small cups or glasses per person)

• It is also traditional/symbolic to have a roasted lamb shank bone and a boiled egg on the table

The Passover season is one of the most important seasons for our ministries, and we would be honored to have you worship with us!  If you are not joining us in person this year we would hope that you will make plans to join us LIVE online, Friday March 30th at 7:45pm CT [US]

If you would prefer buying an original copy of our Haggadah, you can purchase a printed version for just $2.77 from our store here.

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