How Do I Deal with My Emotions?

“Your every present thought is a significant building block in determining the quality of your future.”—Cindy Trimm In Cindy Trimm’s book, ‘Commanding Your Moring’ Cindy speaks about the [...]

God’s Call to Repair Relationships: Love One Another

God created us to have relationships with one another, and with Him. God created Adam to partner with Him, to subdue the earth and rule over it. The LORD God also said “It is not good for man to [...]

Giving Hope to Our Future Generations

How does God view human life? Recently much of the Christian community remembered the Sanctity of Human Life. God’s Word says that He made human life in His image. This means that human life is [...]

Just Follow the Instruction Manual

Recently we published several words preparing the Body of Christ to step out boldly in their individual callings… Afterward, I started thinking about fear. The sad truth is, that there will be [...]

Number of Jews Immigrating to Israel Continues to Rise

A recent study by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research (IJPR) indicates Jews are immigrating to Israel from European countries at the highest rates seen in decades. While the numbers fall [...]

Keep Your Prayers Coming for Israel

Recent reports have indicated that Israel’s view and global standing in the rest of the world continues to deteriorate. Western countries continue to have a unfavorable image of Israel as a [...]

The “You Can Move Mountains” Checklist

Recently I published a word “Are You Ready for Change.” In it I reviewed several messages that I gave at the start of this year which challenged our followers to live their dreams. If you have [...]